Inadequate Images

  1. Throughout the years, I have seen many inadequate images. These come in the form of shows that require no thought to watch. A lot of them can be sitcoms but I find shows like Jersey Shore to be perfect examples of shows that are inadequate images. These require very little creativity to create but fill the audiences mind with pointless information.
  2. A big part of the lack of new images is how much content already exists. We have generations of stories being retold every day that weren’t created anytime recent. The massive amount of ideas from previous generations makes it hard to create something new that hasn’t been thought of already. So, shows that aren’t very ground breaking are created as filler content.
  3. I would love to tell the perfect love story, but I know that it has been told countless other times in various other ways. I don’t want to make the typical romantic comedy but I know that if I tried to make it, it would fall right into that category.
  4. Practice. Simple as that. You have to hone your skills over and over again to eventually force your brain to produce something that isn’t the first thought in your brain. These first thoughts are the stereotypes and tropes that you want to avoid. After getting past these, your brain creates more and more personal creative ideas until eventually you have something very unique.
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