PreProduction Journal


I will be the main voice throughout the story giving back story for the audience. I will be conducting the interviews but allowing the people to speak without me interrupting them.

Content/ Interview Questions:

  1. How did you first find out about there being no more prints?
  2. What have you used these prints for in the past? How many?
  3. What do you think UC was doing when it removed free prints?
  4. How should UC have notified students about taking away free prints?
  5. What would you like UC to do in the future when making decisions like this in the future?


  • Interviews
  • Paper machine
  • Campus shots
  • Students in library
  • Students in class using paper
  • Students walking around campus

Anxieties and Obstacles:

  • Not getting the information I need
  • Making the story feel too flat
  • Getting polarizing answers
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