Kusam Meco Digital Infrared Thermometer IRL 1000

Brand : Kusam Meco
Model : IRL1000

Brand : Kusam Meco
Model : IRL 1000

Features & Specifications :
Distance to Spot Ratio : 12 : 1
Thermopile : 8 ~ 14mm
Autopower Off : 6 sec.
Response Time : 500 ms
Accuracy : ±3°C(±5°F) : -50°C~20°C(-58°F ~ 4°F)
Resolution :
Temperature Range :
-50~999°C (-58 ~ 1830°F)

Application : Infra Red Thermometer can be used in places where it is difficult for a normal temperature probe to reach or places where it is dangerous such as Heat Treatment Furnance, High Voltage Operating Plants, Molten Metal Temperature Monitoring, Kiln Temperature, Bearing Temperature, Energy Conservation, Scientific Experiment, Research & Development, Air conditioning, Petrochemicals, Automobile repair & Maintenance.
It can be used for purposes where safety is involved such as Gas pipelines, Automotive Industry , Clinical use, Electrical Panel etc.

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