Selec Temperature Controller TC518

Brand : Selec
Model : TC518

The Selec TC518 is a sophisticated auto tuning PID controller or on/off controller with selectable thermocouple, RTD up to two outputs. Versions are available with different relay and SSR outputs. The controller can be configured as on/off or PID control and alarm outputs, or as 2 on/off or PID controls (heat/cool) plus 1 alarm output. It has a large dual 3 digit LED display to show the set point and the process value and is suitable for use with power supplies of 85 to 270 VAC

Features & Specfications :
Single setpoint, Relay/SSR selectable, Control Output-Relay
Simple controller, Easy to use, Low cost
Display Type : Dual display, 7 segment LED
Display Configuration : 4+4 digits
Type of Input : Thermocouple (J,K,T,R,S) / RTD (PT100)
Type of Output : RELAY/SSR
Accuracy : For TC (J, K, T) inputs: 0.25% of F.S. ± : For R & S inputs: 0.5% of F.S. ±2 (20min of warm up time) For RTD inputs: 0.1% of F.S ±1
Supply Voltage : 85–270V AC/DC
Size : 48mm x 48mm
Mounting Type : Panel mounting

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Posted by Autocon Instruments

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