Autodesk More Committed Than Ever to the Paris Agreement and Climate Action

Jun 2, 2017 · 2 min read

By: Amar Hanspal & Andrew Anagnost, Co-CEOs of Autodesk

The President’s announcement today to withdraw the United States from the Paris Climate Agreement will go down in history as one of the most devastating moves any leader has made on the environment.

Today it is clear that as citizens and business leaders, it is up to us to take the future into our own hands.

U.S. businesses are ready. Many of us power our businesses with 100 percent renewable energy, and we are building net zero buildings, designing enduring and sustainable products, and creating livable, resilient cities. We have entrepreneurs developing innovative low-carbon energy solutions, and changing traditionally polluting industries. The private sector has never cared more about acting on climate than it does today.

At Autodesk, we are committed to supporting our millions of customers — architects, engineers, manufacturers and designers around the world — to design, build and manufacture climate solutions. We will help our customers design buildings that generate more energy than they use; make products without destructive mining or rare raw materials; and design cities that restore ecosystems and are resilient to catastrophic weather events.

We will leverage the best of emerging technology trends like machine learning, the internet of things, and robotics to bring about this future more quickly than any of us ever imagined, creating new jobs and a whole new future of work.

The Paris Agreement is good for the economy, would create jobs, and it would keep the U.S. competitive.

We’re still in. Our employees are still in. Our customers are still in. We’re all still in.

Amar Hanspal and Andrew Anagnost are Co-CEOs of Autodesk.

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