The first time windows were tinted was around the time of World War II and the years following. When people couldn’t get their windows tinted in the factory, they often tried tinting their windows at home. This was prior to window film being invented so people tried to do spray-on tinting. This was usually very dark and uneven. Window tint was invented in 1966. The original film was dye-based and had poor heat rejection. It would absorb heat into the vehicle rather than reflecting it back. This dye-based tint also had a tendency to turn purple and bubbly in the sun, and had a short lifespan. A newer version of window tint emerged in the early nineties. This type was constructed with metal integrated with dye. This contained dye to reflect the sun’s rays and could offer about a 50% heat reduction. The one problem with metallized window tint was that it interfered with electronic devices such as GPS and sometimes radio. The latest type of window tint is ceramic film. This type lasts a lifetime, rejects heat and UV rays, and does not cause any problems with electronics. The ceramic-based tints are the most popular tints that are used today by Toronto auto glass shops. The more advanced window tinting films that we see today weren’t in the marketplace until the mid-90s. This type of film is coated with a thin film of Titanium Dioxide, Aluminum Oxide or a mixture of the two. Window tinting can help keep your windshield intact during impact. Window tinting in the 1960s was done using a solar control film. This was a film that attached to the glass by using a method of pressing it on the window using some type of transparent adhesive. The solar control film had a mist deposited aluminum coat and was designed to reflect the sun’s radiation back away from the window.

Reasons to Tint

There are many reasons why people chose to tint their car windows. One is simply just for appearance. Many people really like the look of darker windows. Another reason is added privacy. Tinted windows provide privacy while you are driving and they can also act as a deterrent to thieves that may try to peer into your windows to see what goods you have. Some people tint their cars to keep them cooler. The tint reduces the amount of heat that penetrates through the windshield. You will also save on fuel as you may not have to rely on you’re AC as much to cool your vehicle. A proper window tint can help provide protection for the interior of your car. Whether you have cloth or leather the sun’s rays can have an adverse effect on your car’s interior. The life of your car’s interior can be extended by 60% if you have tinting done. Tinting blocks around 99% of the ultraviolet rays from the sun, which means that it can also protect you and your passengers from those harmful rays. This is particularly important if you have any history of skin cancer in your family. If you have sun allergies or find your skin is particularly sensitive to the sun then tinting can definitely help. Tinted windows can also help increase the chances that your windows will stay intact upon impact. They help to shatter-proof your windows.

How it is done

Laying a thin coloured sticker on the car windshield is how car tinting is done. Not every part of the car windows can be tinted. The front windshield cannot be fully tinted because the driver needs to be able to see out clearly but sometimes the very top of the windshield is tinted to help reduce glare from the sun. Some space on the side windows near the mirrors is also not tinted for the reason of visibility.


Car tint comes in various colours. The common colours are black, light black, blue, light blue, and silver. People generally prefer to match the tint colour to their car. For example a black car will be done in light black tint. Those who tint for security purposes tend to choose the darker tints. Those that just tint for aesthetics generally pick lighter tints.


Tint can last an extremely long time if a good quality job is done. You will want to ensure you are getting a professional to do the job for you if you want it to last. Toronto auto glass experts can help you with picking out the right tint for your vehicle. You should be careful not to get scratches or scrapes in your tint if possible. This will ensure it lasts longer.

Know your regulations

Dark windows can be a safety concern for law enforcement officers when they’re making traffic stops; so many cities have specific limits on how dark you can tint your windows. Most professional auto glass companies make it their business to stay on top of all of the regulations but you should also stay informed.

DIY Tinting

Be very careful if you are trying to do your own tinting. Tinting is very tricky work and can be difficult to do properly. The tint you can buy it kits may also not be of t he highest quality. It is better if you don’t have much experience with tinting to leave it to the experts. If you are worried about cost, then shop around and you will be sure to find something that is affordable but still professional quality.

Removing Tint

All car window tint will fade with age and needs to be removed. The main ways you can tell that tint is in need of replacement is when it turns purple in colour or begins to bubble. There are several methods you can use to try to remove your window tint yourself but the best thing to do is get the help of an expert. Professionals atToronto auto glass shops can do the work for you saving you the hassle of doing it yourself. There is also a chance that you will not do it properly and be left with sticky adhesive residue still on your car window. It is best to let the experts do the removal for you so that you can have peace of mind that it has been done properly. Trying to do it yourself and causing damage to your windshield in the process would not be good. It is well worth the money to pay an expert to do the job properly for you.

Whether you are looking to add a new look to your vehicle, wanting to seek protection from the sun or increase your visibility as you drive, tinting can be a great option. It is a good investment because it can also increase the resale value of your vehicle. People tend to see tinting as a nice bonus feature so it can be a good selling point. If you have any questions about tint then be sure to ask the expert team at the Auto Glass Changers. Our team is knowledgeable and friendly and would be happy to help you with any questions you may have.

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