It is possible to remove small scratches out of your car’s windows to make look brand new again. It is important to know that depending on the size of the scratch will depend on how well the method works on it. These methods are meant for smaller scratches that can be treated at home. Depending on how big the scratch is will determine if you should go to a professional Toronto auto glass shop or not.

It is easier to treat very small scratches in glass; however, you should note that these methods maywork but there is no guarantee that they will. For very small scratches you can try using toothpaste. This method will work on the smaller scratches that just irritate you out of the corner of your eye, but scratches that are more noticeable and deep will most likely not respond to this method. The first thing you’ll want to do is squeeze a small amount of toothpaste onto a clean polishing cloth. You’ll want to use white toothpaste to get the best results. Then, rub the toothpaste over the scratch and repeat as needed. After this, you’ll want to wipe of the toothpaste that is left on the glass with a clean, damp cloth and check and see if the scratch is still there or not.

Also for small scratches, you could try an ammonia solution on the glass. You want to combine 3 cups of water with half an ounce of ammonia. Once the solution is created, you’ll want to dip a soft cleaning cloth into it just enough to dampen it. Then you’ll want to rub the cloth in a circular motion over the scratch and then wipe it clean. After doing this, you can check and see if the scratch has gotten better. If not, you can repeat the last step.

For larger scratches you can look into a proprietary product that is made to deal with fixing glass scratches. You can find these kinds of tools at a furniture or hardware store. You can ask the retailer for a professional glass repair kit. You want to explain to them what the glass scratch is on and how thick the glass is so they can give you the proper tools. You’ll want to follow the instructions on the kit. Consult with a Toronto auto glass professional before you actually purchase a kind, as some of them are known to be faulty.

Also for larger scratches, you could use jeweler’s rouge with a buffing pad or car polish. When it comes to doing either of these things, the steps are very similar; however, it is recommended that you use the car polish over the jeweler’s rouge. You can either select a glass polishing kit that comes with polishing discs to remove the more severe scratches in your glass or you can buy a high quality glass restore to remove any light scratches or spots on the glass. You want to use a low speed rotary polisher. It’s recommended that the speed setting be set in between 1000 and 1200 RPM. Also be sure to check and make sure that your polisher has a polishing pad on it. You want to put your lubricating oil on the polishing pad to help the polish spread more and reduce the amount of polish will actually need to use. Once you do this you can apply the polish to the polishing pad and polish away.

The last method is to just seek professional help. When all else fails, it’s best to just go to someone who specializes in the job. You don’t have to be superman and fix it yourself. Granted it may cost more than it would to do it on your own, but the job will get done properly.

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