During your walk towards your car, there’s a chance that you’ll notice an immense of frost that has grown on your auto glass — especially if your car was parked on your driveway overnight. The first thing you might do is grab your ice scraper and begin removing the frost — however, our Markham auto glass experts would like for you to know that there are other ways that are both easy and less time consuming, without the possibility of you damaging your auto glass.

Use a De-Icer

Whether you decide to purchase a de-icer from your local auto glass shop, or create one on your own, any effective solution will remove frost from your windshield within seconds. De-icing solutions, unlike the act of scraping your windshield, doesn’t consume your energy or damage your windshield. If you do decide to make your own deicing solution, you’ll need some rubbing alcohol and a tab bit of dish soup. Be sure to place your homemade solution in a clean spray bottle that is labeled “de-icing solution” so that you can refrain from damaging your auto glass by using liquid that is not safe.

Use Luke Warm Water

Pouring luke warm water on your windshield will remove frost in a matter of seconds. It is imperative for you to refrain from using hot water as the drastic temperature change will surely crack your windshield. An immense amount of auto glass technicians have had to replace or repair windshield due to the unfortunate mistake many vehicles owners make which is boiling water and then pouring it unto their auto glass. When it comes to your auto glass, it is important for you to be extremely careful and ensure you are performing techniques that have been recommended by Whitby auto glass professionals.

Use Your Car’s Defroster and a Debit Card

If you’re in a hurry and you don’t have a defrosting solution, an ice scraper, or access to luke warm water, then you can simply turn on your car defroster and use a debit card in order to quickly remove frost from your auto glass. All you would need to do is turn your car’s defroster on, gently scrape the frost off of your windshield with your card and then turn your windshield wipers on while spraying your windshield washer fluid on your auto glass. This method is seen as a last resort and it’s easier to follow the above noted methods above. In order to avoid this step, you should always ensure to stock up on de-icing solutions.

Windshield Washer Fluid is Important

Windshield washer fluid is essential, especially during the winter months. It is imperative for you to ensure you always have an extra bottle of washer fluid in your trunk in order to refrain from putting yourself in a dangerous situation. Some residents choose to opt out of buying washer fluid, and instead make it on their own. Do you know how to make windshield washer fluid that won’t in any way damage your windshield? Our Mississauga auto glass workers will touch on this next.

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