You would think that after living in Canada for an immense of years, we would all know how to conquer the major car issues that are caused by freezing temperatures during the winter months — however, we’re not all there yet. Professional auto glass Toronto team members have researched and discovered major issues and solutions in their hopes to grant every driver with the ability to show winter who the boss is!

How To Un-Freeze Your Car Door Locks

Waking up late is common — especially around the coldest months (January and February) as we are re-entering the work mode from operating in vacation time over our days off. Imagine waking up late, and then being greeted by a frozen door lock! Yes, it sucks; however, there are some solutions:

· The Straw Strategy — this may sound a bit awkward, but it sure does work! Grab a straw from inside, point it towards your car door lock, and blow your breath into it. The hot air emitting from your mouth will effectively defrost the frozen lock.

· The Lighter Trick — Heating your key with a lighter of a match will enable you to easily push it through your car door lock in no time. Try not to apply too much pressure while you are pushing your key into the locked door — remain gentle and it’ll work in no time.

How to Open Your Frozen Car Door

There’s often a common misconception that is mentioned a lot in the Greater Toronto Area, and this the fact that forcibly opening your car door is an effective way of opening it if it’s frozen. The most intelligent and experienced auto glass Toronto experts strongly advise all individuals to refrain from applying pressure to their car doors and then forcing it to open, as this will surely damage the seal that is around the door. You definitely don’t want to end up spending hundreds of dollars repairing something that could have easily been avoided. Instead of doing what is rumoured to be the best option, go inside, grab a blow dryer, aim it towards the car door and fire away. If this doesn’t do the job, you can simply remove the ice from your car door by hitting it repeatedly with the palm of your hands. It is wise to wear gloves while performing both of the above mentioned techniques.

How to Prevent Icy Side Mirrors

If you can’t see your mirrors, you surely can’t drive. The best way to prevent from yourself from being placed in a situation where it’s nearly impossible for you to wake up one day without the sight of frozen side mirrors is to cover them is to place plastic bags over them overnight. This will cease the possibility of having to perform multiple techniques in hopes of removing ice from your side mirror. In addition to covering your mirror with plastics bags overnight, you can place a de-icing solution on them.

How to Prevent Wiper Blades from Sticking to Your Windshield

Having to pull your wiper blades off of your windshield is not only a nuisance, but it’s also harmful too. Your wipers can break, and your windshield can even crack if you’re not too careful. Your best bet is to prevent yourself from being in such this situation all together. You can do this by:

· Lifting your wiper blades off of your windshield each time you leave the car.

· Wiping each blade with rubbing alcohol upon leaving your car somewhere for a long period of time.

· Ensuring your wiper blades are clean at all times.

How to Avoid Having a Frozen Windshield

When temperatures are below freezing, removing ice from your windshield could take more than an ice scraper, windshield washer fluid, and your wiper blades. All in all, removing ice from your windshield can take a while — so why not avoid having to do it all together? Here are some things you should do in order to prevent your windshield from freezing:

· Cover your windshield with a mat overnight. These covers can be found at many nearby auto glass shops and they’re around $10 — $20.

· Gently rub a raw onion all over your windshield. This home remedy works and will effectively at preventing your windshield from freezing overnight.

· Mix 3 cups of vinegar and 1 cup of water together. This is another popular home remedy that also prevents ice from forming on your windshield.

Beat the Winter

After reading the above stated facts, it’s obvious you’re ready to conquer winter when it comes to auto glass. Now, let’s see if every other part of your car is winter ready. Do you know how to ensure you are operating a car that is 100% ready to conquer the cold months ahead? Our stone chip repair gurus have the answers for you in the next post.