It is proven that most windshield repairs done by Mississauga auto glass technicians are from edge cracks. This common crack mainly occurs due to the fact there are three defects around the outer perimeter of the windshield; induced stress, residual stress and a well known part of the windshield call the “frit”. Let’s briefly explore what these mysterious defects are. An “induced stress” is additional stress that was added to the already weak area of the windshield when it was installed into the vehicle. The stress can cause a minuscule item, such as a rock, to make a huge impact on the windshield. This defect has been proven to cause a small object to create a crack that is over six inches in length.

The top Mississauga auto glass technicians ensure that they order auto glass of the highest quality for this very reason. As mentioned above, “residual stress” is another common defect. This defect is constructed during a very imperative process; the annealing and moulding process. Rapid differential rates of cooling near the perimeter of the windshield create residual stress. After being moulded in the oven, the perimeter of the windshield rests on a metal frame as it exits the oven and enters into room temperature. As expert North York auto glass factory workers experience on a daily basis, the metal frame is still dangerously hot while the glass is cooling down on the other side.

As such, there are various temperatures that clash together at the two inch edged area of the windshields and this results in the splitting of the cross linked molecules. As this is now the weakest area of the windshield, it will easily crack when hit by flying debris. A “Frit” is another well known defect. This is the ceramic black paint that is located around the perimeter on the inside of the windshield. As black attracts heat, this paint has been proven to enhance stress by causing temperature variance and heat expansion. This ultimately causes the windshield to be extremely sensitive. In saying that, you may now see why the North York auto glass experts say that this is the reason as to why most windshield are repaired in the summer time!! Over 75% of cracks occur in the frit area in the summer time. This ground breaking fact is not known by many residents.

Auto Glass Changers ensures that their manufactures use proper measures in order to prevent these defects from happening. In order to excel in the auto glass industry, professionals must know the ins and outs of all areas of work. From the creation of glass to the heating process, every expert must know the fine details. 95% of cracks that appear on the auto glass are located on the sensitive 2 inch area of the windshield (where all of these defects occur). Remaining well versed of these many facts will prompt you to question the many auto glass shops out there. Use the information provided above and see if they’re well versed about these findings. If not, you need to call Auto Glass Changers today. For years, we have been educated the residents in the Greater Toronto Area while providing them with superb information at the same time. We are well respected and proud to say we are undoubtedly the top Auto Glass company in the GTA.