I thought the same thing, then I read the author’s response to another comment and it made more…
Diana Lee

Hi Diana,

I’m sorry, but the title, article wording, one-sided portrayal, and the level of glee (contentment) with the result raises so many flags that I’m not convinced it ended with the departure of Rick. I would also go as far as to question the ability of the author to recognize “Top Talent” never mind managing such honestly. Maybe this is more reflective of his ego because what if the person was not so talented but yet the same events had played out on his watch?

Trying to compare various technology approaches is extremely hard and rarely fair (without bias). And this is a binary world (of sorts). Now how does one even begin to do justice to the complexity of human social interactions, behaviors, intents,…There is no right way or certainty (in assessment) here and when we make it out to be so you make the only thing that is certain and that is you are wrong or will be proven to be so, by repeating the mistake on the other end.

This article should have been a lesson in how a system of people and processes turned a (possibly) committed, well-meaning, individual, on himself and others.

It is hard to prevent ourselves from judging people unfairly. Maybe we are not even qualified to judge beyond our own experience, bias, and self-ego. I know all too well, but I don’t see right thinking, right talking, right actioning here. The lack of compassion shown, in my reading of this article, is far more telling than what was written.


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