Refocusing Performance Monitoring
Lawrence Hecht

One argument in favor of system monitoring (metrics, logging, metering,…), as opposed to the user experience, is that you have much more control over these parts of the service delivery. When things do go wrong in such shared services/infrastructure the impact is far most widespread and damaging to the population of consumers — users, agents, services. Whereas a piece of Javascript not tailored for a particular obscure browser version or network bandwidth,…is very selective in who it impacts. We need to look both ways in any endeavor in the present — past and future, top and bottom, ingress and egress,…and pull these together. System dynamics are a much harder aspect to get under control, whereas a piece of client front-end code not optimized can be tuned once detected. Unfortunately, those in the monitoring industry prefer to maintain an illusion of control via monitoring that is not active or participatory.

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