Automate your job hunting process with Python

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Aug 7 · 4 min read

While looking for a software engineer related internship lately, I stumbled across a website called /. This website showcases the latest internships available ranging from positions like software engineer, mobile app developer and many more.

Each job posting provides information such as the job type , period, location ,remuneration ,description and responsibilities as seen from the picture below.

Personally , I felt that it was a hassle to check the website daily for jobs that I was interested in. Thus I decided that it might be a good idea to automate this process. I wanted to be notified of a job opening that I am interested in via a messaging platform to save the time to check the website.

I decided that I wanted to

scrap the website using Beautiful Soup 4, Twilio to send a text to myself whenever there is a job that I might be interested and crontab(window task scheduler if you’re a windows user) to run the python script at a specific time of the day.

Beautiful Soup 4 is a python library which is mainly used to pull out data from html or xml files. To install Beautiful Soup 4 , open terminal or cmd(if you’re window’s user) and run

pip install beautifulsoup4

Twilio is a python library which integrates sending text/whasapp messages into your python script. Check on more details regarding Twilio. To install twilio, open terminal or cmd(if you’re window’s user) and run

pip install twilio

You will need to register an account at After which click on console dashboard>>dashboard and copy the TRIAL NUMBER, ACCOUNT SID and AUTH TOKEN .

Now create a python file called and paste this code.

from bs4 import BeautifulSoup
from requests import get
from datetime import datetime
import re
from import Client
print(prettyHTML) # html code for

You will roughly get this(image below) when you print prettyHTML


Now, let’s further inspect the html code.

Inside every <div class=’ast-col-sm-10'> , contains the company’s name(Sblock Foundation Pte Ltd) ,href address( and the job title(Copywriter).

You will need to extract the relevant information from the html code by finding all the ast-col-sm10 classes. Subsequently, we will check if the jobTitle matches and the jobKeyword, if so, append the url into a list.

for jobInfo in jobInfos:
# split all the <a> tags to find the job title i.e Copywriter
#if jobKeyword matches jobTitle
for each_url in url_links:

Finally, with the help of twilio, send a text message(that contains all the href links) to yourself using the code below.

for each_url in url_list:
messageStr=messageStr + '\n' + '' + each_url
messageStr=messageStr+'\n'+str([:19]## Your Account Sid and Auth Token from = 'XXXXXXXXXX'
auth_token = 'XXXXXXXXXXX'
client = Client(account_sid, auth_token)
message = client.messages \

Now, we will need to set up a cron job such that twilio will send us a text message every morning whenever there is a role related to software.To create a job on a mac, that executes every day at 12:00, open the terminal and type:

env EDITOR=nano crontab -e
0 12 * * * /full/path/to/python /full/path/to/

Thus in my case,it was

0 18 * * * /usr/bin/python /Users/automationfeed/Programming/Python/Job_Search/

This script will run every day at 18:00.Refer to , this is an extremely good guide to understand how to schedule jobs with crontab on Mac OS X .

A brief intro video to demonstrate how to use crontab on macOs

Full code can be found at github

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