Toyota launches hydrogen powered sedan Toyota Mirai

Toyota is going in its journey for carbon free travel with the launch of the Toyota Mirai hydrogen powered sedan. The Japanese brand the hybrid gas-electric power train sees hydrogen cars, taking plug-in hybrids and fully electric vehicles.
The new CEO, Johan van Zyl, told the news reporters on the Frankfurt automobile expo on Monday that It’s not an issue, it’s an issue of when,” hydrogen innovation will go standard. Toyota expects offers of somewhere around 50 and 100 Toyota Mirai’s this year and next, with 47 requested to date. Toyota Mirai is being sold just in Britain, Germany, Denmark, where Toyota is working with local partners in hydrogen pumping stations.
Toyota Europe sales head said that present clients include governments and organizations hoping to reduce their carbon emissions. They expect that the technology will be reasonable for normal consumers. Toyota Europe the previous year sold 880,000 units of cars. Twenty percent of those were hybrid cars. Toyota Europe sales head expects sales will be down 1–2 percent this year because of the monetary slowdown in Russia.
Van Zyl expects hybrid sales to grow with the launch at Frankfurt auto show of the new RAV4 small SUV, which for the first time will be offered also with a hybrid powertrain, joining the Yaris, Auris and restyled Prius. The CEO anticipates that hybrid sales will develop with the dispatch at Frankfurt auto show of the new RAV4 small SUV, which will be offered additionally with a hybrid powertrain.

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