The Washington State Department of Natural Resources has objected to Elon Musk’s recent claim that the Tesla Cybertruck will be waterproof and function as a boat.

On September 29, Musk made the bold claim that the “Cybertruck will be waterproof enough to serve briefly as a boat, so it can cross rivers, lakes & even seas that aren’t too choppy.”

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The Washington State Department of Natural Resources quickly responded to this tweet, noting that its “derelict vessel crews are begging for you to understand that anything that ‘serves briefly as a boat’ should not be used as a boat.” They have a point.

While it is possible that Musk was joking when he said the Cybertruck can function as a boat, it seems entirely likely that he was being serious. To us, making such a statement seems almost inevitable to lead to lawsuits against Tesla when Cybertruck owners take delivery of their EVs, attempt to cross a body of water in it, and quickly discover that if you want a boat, you should probably buy a boat, not a car that “serves briefly as a boat.”

Musk making such a statement will also put pressure on Tesla to ensure that the Cybertruck can indeed make water crossings, as if building an innovative electric pickup truck and selling millions of them hadn’t already put enough pressure on the car manufacturer. If the Cybertruck’s launch date is delayed yet again, don’t be surprised if Musk takes to Twitter stating it is due to the difficulties in getting the truck watertight and safely floating.



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