Solving the ICO Dump Crisis.

Jul 4, 2017 · 3 min read

By Stuart Farmer

Most ICO tokens are premined and immediately available to dump on the market. This makes them susceptible to market manipulation by large players at the expense of people who really want to participate. Autoria combats this issue by having participants buy a stake that distributes tokens over the course of a year and prevents whale buys of over 100ETH during the ICO.

We’ve seen quite a slump in the last few days in the Ethereum market and Ethereum users are blaming it solely on the ICO fever. There is an accusation that some of the major ICOs such as Tezos and Eos are dumping their Ether on the market to liquidate it into usable funds for their business costs. This makes sense, but it also hurts the overall market. Similarly, you are seeing the whales who have gotten into the ICO early dumping their shares completely onto the marketplaces to make a quick buck, thereby destroying the value of the new asset.

With Autoria, we are combatting this behavior by limiting the amount of tokens our participants have immediate access to over the course of a year. Instead of purchasing the coins directly, participants purchase a stake that is distributed based on our proof of stake algorithm. We are also limiting initial participation to 100ETH to prevent whale buyers from controlling the entire asset. This allows the stakes to be distributed and fair.

Our Proof of Stake distrubution algorithm, as designed by Mario.

Over the course of the year following our ICO, we will be releasing applications that will solidify Autoria’s standing in the market for the long term so that once all the tokens are dispersed, there is an ecosystem of value already created for the digital economy to function. In the beginning, these applications will be the simple gaming applications that bring in high volumes of activity. However, that will then transform into our mobile application, which will feature a peer-to-peer exchange, binary options, etc. as well as merchant services to provide a pipeline from Autorium currency into USD Tether into fiat and back so that merchants can take advantage of the benefits of crypto without the technical hassle.

It’s a trying time in the crypto market, but part of the beauty of cryptocurrency is that the community can develop new innovations to solve the growing pains we are experiencing. A decentralized community of developers can achieve more than the traditional centralist approach that is the current status quo.

We hope to see you soon as an early Autoria user so we can pave the path together in this exciting new field.