The Math behind Autoria’s Supply-Curve Modeled Distribution

Jul 3, 2017 · 3 min read

What is Autoria?
Autoria (ERC20 Token Symbol: AUT) is a new paradigm in cryptocurrency. Our unique Proof of Stake distribution method is the first supply-curve modeled cryptocurrency in the world. We are a U.S. company based out of Ohio. Our talented team, which includes an Ebay software engineer and a NASA associate, have helped create what we feel is the most sophisticated and fundamentally sound token distribution model in the world.

How does our Distribution Model Work
Autoria is using a sophisticated supply-curve modeled distribution system which automatically mines AUT tokens based on a 4 factor growth equation. The technical details of this system are outlined here in our ( The token release rate is linear at first and then tapers off as growth and adoption of AUT stabilize. Our token contract is optimized to minimize gas costs and provide future functionalities for easy integration in decentralized applications. Our equation also allows us to reward token users directly by increasing the number of tokens in the mining pool. Our growth equation then automatically adjusts the rate at which AUT tokens are mined.

Token participants will have a 3 week timeframe (July 14th through Aug. 4th) to reserve a stake in AUT. These stakes, or ‘Mining Wells’ are permanently registered into the Ethereum blockchain and are the only AUT token generating assets available.

What Makes our Crowdsale Unique?
Autoria’s crowdsale helps ensure diversity of token distribution in the following ways:

  • Our research has shown that in all major ICO’s (like Status) over 95% of unique addresses come from sales of less than 100 ETH. Unlike other distributions, where individual token users are allowed to monopolize token holdings, our crowdsale ensures that everyone has an opportunity to make a significant contribution.
  • In order to maximize the number of unique addresses collected, contributions are capped at 100 ETH per token user.
  • This empirically backed ETH cap ensures a diverse distribution of AUT generating assets (Mining Wells).
  • Other Proof of Stake systems allow for the exchange of token generating assets, increasing vulnerability to attacks and decreasing transparency. AUT Mining Wells are permanent.

What are the Tokens Used For?
Our team ( is targeting a 7 trillion dollar industry ($7,000,000,000,000). Autoria is delivering a simple and safe framework for both users and merchants to use in ecommerce and Point of Sale transactions. We believe a great merchant service needs a fundamentally sound currency. That’s why we’ve devoted as much attention as possible to ensuring our distribution methodology is 100% robust.
Our goals area specific and measurable, complete with bonus tokendistributions upon completion of major project milestones. Our roadmap to success and specific details (like our budget) are outlined on our website,, or in our whitepaper,

Connect with us
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