How to sell cars in the digital age?

James Plankey
Feb 8, 2018 · 2 min read

Why selling cars has always been hard?

Selling automobiles have always been a difficult job. Every one of the customers who want to buy a new or a used car has a particular idea of what they want. Moreover, all of these potential customers don’t like pushy salespeople and that is why a car salesman gets a bad reputation in all circles. In fact, the worlds ‘Car Salesman’ has become a curse word through the years. That is why if you are a dealer in cars, you have a reason to rejoice because Automotive Video is here to cut down on your expenses and increase your sales.

Selling your inventory with Car Sales Video

A few years back every car dealer was trying to put up banners and billboards to attract customers. They put up signage with heavy discounts and unbelievable prices to just get a potential buyer in the lot. However, times have changed and now almost all customers are online and check car prices and make up their minds about what they want and need before even stepping through the door. In this environment, we at understand that we need to give our customers something better and more special.

Automotive Video

That is why we have started the practice of recording the Best Car Video we can and putting it up for our customers. The reason behind that is that we know every car enthusiast or a normal everyday driver likes watching car videos. With this method, we can not only attract the customers but also give them a fair bit of an idea about cars up for sales with all their features and options. After all, that is what a customer really wants to know.

Why autos on Video?

Autos on video has a suite of apps which can help you make a car sales video of all the vehicles in your lot or in your garage. Moreover, it offers you features like inventory videos, sales follow up videos, service repair videos and even a 360-degree interactive walk around the car to give your customer a complete idea of the vehicle he is interested in. These features are sure to attract a customer and help them make a choice even before he speaks to you. So don’t wait. Join the next generation of car sales and start making a profit with the help of your phone and capture an Automotive Video today with

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