How to Promote your NFT on Twitter

Mr. Josh (AutoTasks.Co)
8 min readMay 24, 2022

“… the long-term financial worth of a person’s smile, giggle, snort, and even her tears is invaluable.” -Gary Vee


What I’m about to tell you is going to sound strange.

If you’re the type of person who likes to play it safe and follow the crowd, this information is not for you.

This article is intended for someone who has created an NFT and wants to use Twitter to help make sales and build a community. If this doesn’t describe you, please move along.

After consulting on over 250+ NFT projects through NFT Pump, I’ve gained a unique perspective. One that is based on experience.

Most importantly, I’ve seen the mistakes people are making on repeat.

As with all the content I provide, I won’t cover what you can find by a simple google search.

This info is unique, personal, and based on work done in the field.

No Monkey Business

The first thing to understand is that almost everything you see in the NFT community on Twitter DOES NOT represent what you should be doing.

Most of what you see is Monkey see, monkey do. This creates a feedback loop of ridiculousness'.

You need a creative mind and strength to go against the flow. Just like buying crypto or stocks when everyone else is scared.

It takes guts, but the rewards can be enormous.

“Most stand-out success from marketing, comes from being creative and defying ‘the way it should be done.”-Dan Kennedy

How-To succeed with Twitter

Twitter is the social network of choice for NFT & Crypto enthusiasts.

But how do you create tweets that get the attention of collectors? How do you target the right people?

And most importantly, how do you make a real connection with someone?

To build an NFT community, you’ll need to know the answer to all of these questions.

What Should I Tweet?

“People don’t read advertising, they read what interests them, and sometimes that’s advertising” -Howard Gossage

Do your tweets look like this ?…

🚨🚨🚨🔥🔥🔥 LLLLFFFFGGG!!!! 💥💥💥💥 WIN A LAMBO!!!



QUOTE,❤️ AND ♻ ️THIS tweet, TAG 5 friends, and follow @rugpullpunks @doodleapesealionsNFT @babymutantapes2ndcousins

🔥🔥 Send a screenshot as proof for a chance to get #whitelisted

#WAGMI #NFTSchill #NFTart #BUYmyshit

[There’s only one appropriate way to reply to a tweet like this:


If you want to learn what content people connect with on Twitter, follow the data.

On the chart, you can see that Discounts or Sales are the least exciting type of content for Twitter users.

Giveaways are great at attracting people who want to win NFTs, but too much becomes annoying and feels like spam to regular Twitter users.

In between trying to sell your NFTs, you need to provide value to the community in the form of entertainment, inspiration, education, or by telling a story. Only one out of every 6–8 tweets should try to sell.

Just like in Gary Vee’s popular book on social media marketing “Jab, Jab, Jab, Jab, jab, …. Right Hook,” you don’t want to go for a knockout punch with every tweet.

Creating content

It can be stressful and time-consuming trying to think of what to tweet.

You definitely don’t want to sound cheesy.

What if nobody responds? Should you delete it?

You can relax. Because I’m going to show you some easy ways to create content in a short amount of time.

There are no strict rules on what to tweet about but there are 4 main types that can easily be created to flow with the themes of your project.

The main NFT tweet types are Call To Action tweets, Opinion tweets, News tweets, Educational tweets, and Memes.

They each provide value or entertain in their own way.

Call To Action (CTA) Tweets

A Call To Action Tweet asks your viewer to do something. You can ask them to buy your NFT on OpenSea.

You can ask them to join your Discord. But makes sure not to ask them to do too many actions at once…

“When you’re asking for three calls to action, you’re asking for no calls to action. The customer spotting this mishmash of links and short text coming through a mobile screen had to have been extremely confused. There’s just no way to know where to focus our attention first.” -Gary Vee

You may see some NFT giveaway tweets, asking to take many steps, but these are mostly engaged with by bots.

There are SMM panels that sell Twitter bot re-tweets and likes, and they can even tag friends in the comments thousands of times.

As with everything in the Crypto/NFT space, looks can be deceiving. It takes a careful eye to detail to determine what is really happening and working.

Be realistic about the value of your NFT

When you are designing your CTA giveaway tweets, make sure the prize is worth the effort.

If you are giving away your NFT that nobody has ever heard of yet, you can not ask people to make much effort to win it.

To make your giveaways more enticing, you can try: ‘Any interaction with this tweet is eligible to win.”

Also adding a cash reward helps like $200 in ETH to the WINNER!

If you are giving away a Bored Ape worth half a million dollars, go ahead and ask people to tag friends, join Discord, and give you their firstborn.

Opinion Tweets

In his coherent YouTube video about NFTs and Twitter, Mr. Fungible explains why opinions matter on Twitter.

“You want people to follow you, who have similar values and beliefs as you … because they’re way more likely to be engaged in the stuff you post.”

So tweeting opinions is an organic way to gain the right kind of followers on Twitter. The kind that will engage with your tweets.

Gonzo Tweeting

My favorite writer, Hunter S. Thompson learned to write by copying “The Great Gatsby” novel, over and over in his own handwriting.

If you find it difficult to come up with opinion tweets, try re-writing existing popular tweets about NFTs or Web3.

You’ll be spreading already engaging ideas in your own way, and gaining experience to eventually create your own original opinion tweets.

Here’s an example of a viral opinion tweet taken from @DCLBlogger

“The biggest wealth transfers happen when you’re right when a large majority end up being wrong.”

We can quickly put this in our own words for an Opinion Tweet:

Money changes hand's the most when you’re right and the popular majority is wrong.

News Tweets

News Tweets are self-explanatory but there is one thing that annoys the hell out of me when people tweet a news link.

Twitter does not want people to leave its platform. All social networks have the goal of keeping your attention.

If you click away to a news site, you may not go back to Twitter. This terrifies them.

So when you post a link about NFT news or even your own NFT on OpenSea, Twitter will crop the image and make it unattractive in the feed.

Look at the example on the left…

The Tweet on the Left is auto-published by Twitter from the news link. The bottom of the image is cut off. The Tweet on the right is more appealing and only took a few more seconds to right-click, save, and upload the image.

How-To Tweets

Everyone in the NFT community wants to learn something new. It’s a good idea to add NFT How-To or tutorial Tweets to your schedule.

These can be found using Google to search for blogs or Medium articles. They can be simple like “How-To set up a Metamask” to more complex subjects, like “How-To create a Node on Polygon.”

By including How-To Tweets, you’ll learn up-to-date info about web3, and provide value to your followers.

Creating a Twitter Schedule

Don’t count on yourself tweeting every day. It won’t happen.

In order to build a following, you need to be consistent with your tweets and cover different times throughout the day.

You can use the calendaring options in any number of social media software to schedule a month's worth of tweets in one Sunday afternoon.

A lot of people will use the free software that comes with Twitter called Tweetdeck. It is fine for some basic posting, but if you want to set up a Twitter growth system in an efficient way, I recommend Social Champ.

It’s what I’ve used to manage social media accounts for hundreds of NFT projects.

Having a consistent presence on Twitter is a great start towards building your NFT Community.

Next week, I’ll show you how to use Twitter to build close relationships with those shaping the NFT industry.

In Conclusion

Now you know, don’t just copy what you see others doing on Twitter. That can be like the blind leading the blind. Instead, find your own unique ways of bringing value to the NFT community.

You’re also ready to write 4 different types of Twitter content and you know where to find examples and inspiration.

With a daily schedule of varied tweets, written with content that brings value, you’ll be on your way to gaining trust and new followers on Twitter.

When you have your system in place for consistently growing a valuable Twitter account, you can spend more time connecting with the people you wish to connect with on a personal basis.

If there is something I didn’t cover that you would like information on, please leave it in the comments.

If you prefer to outsource or hire a team to assist you with your NFT Twitter promotion, you can speed up the process with a custom Twitter package from



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