Review of the Aunit coin


Looks like that there had been no key events on the coin this week. This does not mean that strong movements are not expected. However, if they take place, that will be only owe to technical reasons, without a fundamental component.
As for the news, we can mention the forum that is scheduled for March 16–18 and will be held in Novosibirsk, Russia. It will be dedicated to intensive training, answers to questions etc. However, it is unlikely that the market will strongly react to this forum: the company is running such forums on a regular basis.
Technical analysis of the Aunit /USD pair
We’ll draft the technical analysis of Aunit against the US dollar around two horizontal levels today. The first level is still represented by the support 0.0175. The cryptocurrency pair has recently broken through this level as resistance and entered the channel between 0.01775–0.0215. For the time being, the price has been unable to work out the resistance. After that, the rate has immediately returned to try to reverse the resistance of 0.01775. If you wish to sell a coin, I’d like to remind you that it is heavily oversold.

Then I can see two options similar to each other, the only difference is depth of the downward rollback. This, of course, is about a negative scenario for investors in the short run. So, the first option is a false breakthrough of support 0.01775, when a reversal pattern is shaped with the last High at 0.0129 being reached. The second option is the same, but with a deeper downward movement. The Low is unlikely to be reached again, but the movement will represent more than just a false breakthrough. Despite the fact that the second option tickles the nerves of customers who are already in the market, it is more promising. If a double bottom, similar to the previous one, is built below 0.0155, this can bring the coin to 0.0260. First, this double bottom would be shaped, then the price will work it out and at the same time it will break the resistance 0.0192. Usually, such movements lead to the bigger double bottom being formed. It began to take shape at the end of January. Walking through this double bottom will give a trend towards 0.0260, and since the closest resistance is at ​​0.0280, we can also focus on this trend. Next you will need to consider the situation described here.
As for the option with a smaller rollback or no rollback at all, they are less interesting: their first goal is at 0.0215. We have to look at what would happen there. Thus, on this currency pair, the option with a deeper downward pullback is the option with the High is being worked on. And since everyone is accustomed to current prices, the hit of 260–280 may provoke a stronger movement in the nearest future.
Technical Analysis of the Aunit /BTC pair
The situation on this cryptocurrency pair has not changed at all. Two options of a successful transaction are a pending order at 0.00000350 and 0.00000250 along with breakthrough of resistance 0.00000500. All options can come true, it’s difficult to predict which one will work next.

The target focusing at the breakthrough of resistance 0.00000500 is old: this target is at 0.00000750. If you focus on the rollback, you can exit at 0.00000500 or not exit, but wait for the bullish trend instead.
Technical analysis of the Aunit /ETH currency pair
The Aunit/ETH cryptocurrency pair is moving around 0.000150. Everything else makes its behavior similar to the behavior of the previous tool. Pending orders should be set at 0.000100 or

0.000090, either at breakthrough of 0.000150. If the first option works, then you can move along the resistance of 150. However, if you buy on breakthrough of resistance 150, then we should focus on the next resistance at 0.000185.
I wish all of you successful trading, goodbye.