Review of the Aunit coin

Dear Medium readers,
The new year begins with new events. The first thing I’d like to highlight is the Company’s marathon. No participant will be left without a bonus. In addition to other gifts, each participant will receive Aunit coins. Although the bonus is not large, it is sufficient for a start of trading or investing without your own money. That’s means positive news for the coin as a whole. In the short run, the market can react with both support and pressure, but in the long run, these are new investors in the market. As you know, the more you have, the more you want.
The second news is also positive, but it relates to another type of business — affiliate programs. The company is launching a corporate quest, which promises to be useful both for beginners and professionals. The network business is a rather popular type of earnings in the network today. I am taking the news as positive because new people will join the company as well as new partners and new investors. In general, the company does not give traders a break with the endless stream of news. That denotes development of the coin as the general situation for cryptocurrencies is difficult.

Technical analysis of Aunit/USD cryptocurrency pair, or time to Buy

The current situation shows a rollback to the support of the previous channel. Given the pair is close to good support, we can expect a slower movement followed by a rebound and, finally, the uptrend towards the first goal: 0.0270–0.0280. However, the support can be not touched at all. Therefore, there is a second title to this review: “Time to buy.” If you want to get coins at a good price, here is the moment.

If we analyze the volumes in the terms of depth, we’ll find that getting down for the price is becoming more and more difficult whereas the resistance to purchases here is very weak and starts to get stronger around 0.0260–0.02.02. The way orders are distributed speaks in favor of the channel, which is positive. As for the exit around ​​0.0260–0.0270, you should do that by parts, because the coin is heavily oversold and sooner or later, the resistance will begin to get broken through. In order not to catch up with the fading trend, it makes sense to leave a part of the coins bought or earned by trading for the middle term.
If you want to take all the profits from the market, wait for a false break of support at 0.0200, but there are serious concerns, this moment may not come. Therefore, it is better to buy a little higher: from 0.0210–0.0220. As for the resistance of 0.0350, it is the next target after 0.0270. It is always better to break a position by parts when buying an asset, but this is the topic of another article on money management.

Technical analysis of the Aunit/BTC cryptocurrency pair

A similar situation with the Aunit pair against Bitcoin. In previous articles, we talked about support 0.00000500, which did not work, the pair did not reach this support, and then completely made a new one. The situation may take several scenarios. The easiest and most likely is a rebound and a trend towards the first goal at 0.00000750. Will there be another rollback to the support 0.00000550 or a breakthrough and test of 0.00000500? Maybe it will take place, maybe not, there is a rebound from one support point and it is enough to start a bullish trend. If you want to take all the profits from the market, as in the previous case, wait when the price hits 0.00000550 or 0.00000500, but then there is a chance to stay out of the market and look for a buy chance at 0.00000750. The goal 0.00000750 is followed by 0.00000900: the distance is very small and extremely inconvenient for an entry. If the price starts testing 0.00000750, there will be a correction, on a breakthrough of which you need to buy. Based on these considerations, it makes sense to think about buying a pair a little above the support of a new channel. As in the previous case, the coin is heavily oversold, and bitcoin is not at its best: there was a chance of an inverted head with shoulders and start a new bullish trend, but something went wrong. The worse the situation with bitcoin is, the better the situation with Aunit/BTC is getting.

Looking at the depth’s volume, we’ll find that the rate can reach 0.00000750 soon; there are very small volumes for sale between the support 0.00000550 and 0.00000750. At the same time, the support 0.00000550 is protected by a very large volume.

I wish everyone successful trading, bye!



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