Review of the Aunit coin

Dear Medium readers,

After the New Year, we’ve received no influential news on the coin. Let us interpret it in a positive way. As result, the coin became more predictable which allows you rely on its technical analysis.
Analysis of the cryptocurrency pair Aunit/USD

First, we’d like to remind is about the relevant levels: the support 0.0200 and resistance 0.0270. The last attempt of the price to exit this range has not succeeded. This is a natural result of the market situation: right prior to the breakthrough, the volumes fell twice. In the previous review, breakthrough was stipulated by an increased volume volume. However, everything turned to be exactly vice versa: nobody believed in the possibility of a breakthrough and nobody has reaped a good profit neither. A large number of TP positions would also boost the volumes. However, the chance to break resistance is still here, because there was no strong pullback, we did have just a false breakthrough of resistance 0.0270, followed by a downward pullback. Bulls can profit from this situation: this is a double bottom under the resistance 0.0270, although it will be difficult to use because of the hairpin occurred on January 8. If we consider this pin to be random, then the double bottom will work exactly to peak 0.0280 and in the event of a rebound, a new resistance will be confirmed. You can buy on a breakthrough of this resistance. The negative option is also simple, the pair will roll back to the support 0.0200, make a rebound or a false break and return to test the resistance 0.0270. Under the second scenario, resistance 0.0270 will remain relevant, whereas under the first scenario, a new resistance 0.0280 will appear and will be relevant until a breakthrough or rollback to ​​0.0200.

Analysis of the cryptocurrency pair Aunit/BTC

In contrast to the previous pair, this currency pair has retained its trading volume, although it is not large as compared to the previous pair. Maybe, someone trades with Bitcoin, whereas makes takes profit positions with Aunit, or maybe, some players just make a choice in favor of Aunit getting rid of Bitcoin. There is another option: someone is speculating, and at the same time, his earning is not bad at all. The pair has support around 0.00000500–0.00000550, from which it is good to enter against Bitcoin with an exit in the middle of the range. Whatever it was, but the opportunity remains. If you have free Bitcoins, you can put Buy orders for two volumes: 0.00000500 and 0.00000550 and take profit around 0.00000700.

I wish you successful trading, bye!