The need to thrive in toxic times

A photo of a band at the 1900 Juneteenth celebration at Eastwoods Park in Austin, TX. Photo credit: Grace Murray Stephenson, Austin History Center, pica 05481

What a white boy taught this black woman about resistance

A child reacts during the original blue eyes/brown eyes experiment in 1968.

A response to my brother, who did not vote and is not afraid

November 8, 2016

On election day, I was driving to my mother’s house to offer and to receive moral support on an anxiety-ridden day. My youngest daughter asked me to turn on a Quran CD. My eldest daughter groaned as I turned it on.

Seeing the Civil Rights Movement through the Eyes of Today’s Youth

The Greensboro Four

Autumn Allen

Autumn is an educator, lifelong student, writer, and children’s literature aficionado.

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