Realizing Your Dreams

A Story of a Brockport Educator’s Accomplishments and Impacts

Susan Hoffman in her office at Brockport. 2017

When Susan Hoffman was a little girl, she dreamed of becoming a physical education teacher, but as Hoffman grew older that dream began to change. She went from her old goals of being a physical education teacher to where she is now, on her 30th year of being associate director of athletics for the College at Brockport. She is considered to be a role model, a person to turn to for many of the athletes attending Brockport and a hard worker to her co- workers. Through the support of her family, especially her mom and her own perseverance, she was able to become the successful person she is today.

Susan Hoffman: Then

Susan Hoffman at Cortland. 1980

Hoffman became a “Sports junkie…” when she was a teenager. She always loved watching and participating in sports. Sports were always a big area of interest for her, which led to her goal of becoming a physical education teacher.

To achieve this goal, she went to SUNY Cortland, which has a reputation for having a strong athletic program and one of the best SUNY schools to study physical education. In her second semester of her junior year she began her student teaching in physical education and she “…absolutely hated it.” Hoffman didn’t realize that students did not want to go to gym class, this was surprising since she always loved gym class, but this would make a job as a physical education teacher difficult. So she decided that was not what she wanted to do anymore.

Hoffman changed her personal goal from physical education to coaching. This way she would still be able to have an impact on the physical education department, but with students who actually wanted to participate. After graduating Cortland, she went to Ohio State for her masters.

Hoffman then get a job coaching soccer for three years, where she was “…making ends meet.” The job was barely paying the bills. She decided she wanted to do something more.

Susan Hoffman: Now

Through the persuasion and support of her parents, Hoffman decided she wanted to apply for the open position of Event Coordinator at the College at Brockport.

Hoffman says her parents helped her a lot throughout her life and that they supported her through every step. She says “My mom is my biggest advocate,” she is also a “…big influence on my life.”

Hoffman is a very family oriented person and that is reflected through the compassion, dedication and attention she gives to all the athletes today, at Brockport. She considers the athletic community at Brockport to be one big family.

Once she got the position for the Event Coordinator, she climbed the ladder for thirty years, up to her current position that she holds now, Associate Athletic Director for the college at Brockport.

To find out more about Hoffman’s involvement and work in at the College at Brockport, check out the Brockport Staff Directory or her LinkedIn page.

Hoffman’s Impact on Students and Co- Workers

Hoffman works closely with many athletes and the Brockport Athletic staff. When working with athletes she has to act as a mentor and a role model.

Athletes are expected to act as role models themselves, not post anything that is offensive or rude on their social media and maintain a certain grade point average.

For more on what is expected of athletes you can view Brockport athletic’s mission statement or the athletic home page.

She says trying to ensure that all employees and athletes are following all the rules are the most difficult part of her job. She often tries to help the athlete who are struggling with drug or alcohol abuse. She says, “Some days it’s easy, some days it’s hard.”

Even in those difficult times, Hoffman will always try and leave a positive impact on the student athletes. Faith Montgomery, senior, captain of the women’s tennis team is one of those students.

Hoffman does not only make an impact on students, but on her co workers as well. Current Athletic Director for the college at Brockport, Erick Hart, believes Hoffman is the right fit for the associate director position and that “She does a great job” and “…is a hard worker.” Some of Hart’s roles include, overseeing the recruitment, retention and graduation of the campus’s 650 student athletes, providing leadership, managing budget and fundraising for the athletic program.

Erick Hart

He works closely with Hoffman, but believes it is important not to micromanage anyone. He says “Hoffman is a valuable member of the senior staff. I trust Hoffman and she makes decision daily on her own,” on behalf of the athletic program.

To find out more about Erick Hart view his Staff Directory.

Volunteer Work

Making sure athletes complete their required ten hours of volunteer work and developing volunteer activities for the students and the community to be apart of is one of Hoffman’s may responsibilities. Hoffman always takes part in all the volunteer activities she develops.

Bears and Blankets

Bears and Blankets is a program where all athletes come together and make blankets from different fabrics and stuff bears. All blankets and bears made go out to underprivileged areas to help children in need. Hoffman personally delivers these bears and blankets to where they need to go.

Dancing with the Athletes

One of those activities is Brockport’s annual dancing with the athletes. Athletes collaborate with Brockport’s dance department to put on a performance every year. Tickets are $3, the event is open to anyone and all proceeds go to charity.

Read Program

Brockport has two athletes from every team go out to an under privileged elementary school located in Rochester or a nearby area. The athletes meet the children, read them stories and even sign autographs. They hand out backpacks with toothbrushes and school supplies to all the children in need.

Brockport’s Golden eagle mascot with the children of the read program

Yards for Yeardly

This year, Brockport hosted its first yards for yeardly one love foundation event. This event’s purpose was to educate and inform people about domestic violence. Everyone, including a great number of athletes walked many miles to support this cause. The event’s participants walked a total of 3,759,440 yards (2,136 miles).

Hoffman also urged teams to come up with their own videos to support this event. The video below shows why the football team wants to raise awareness of domestic violence.

For more information about this event and the one love foundation visit the one love foundation’s page.

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