Bend The Knee
The Siren Speaks

Great piece, as usual it’s spot on. I’d also like to point out, that up until this time, NFL owners have been very adamant about not letting their players protest their personal causes while on the field.

Cowboys forbid their players from wearing decals to show support for the police after the Dallas shooting? Hmmm, do I detect a pattern here? Seems if it deals with respect of authority (police, military, etc.), that’s a no-no. They want chaos to remain supreme.

I have no problem with people peacefully protesting, whether I’m passionate about the cause or not. But you were correct when you said it’s not the right platform. This is their job. There is an expectation that you conduct yourself with a certain amount of decorum. During my work’s Christmas party, I was not allowed to get drunk and act a fool. But why not, it’s my first amendment right, isn’t it? Of course it is, but I’m an extension of my company, how I act is a direct reflection on my company. Might not seem fair, but it is what it is. If you don’t agree, you are more than welcome to get a job where your values are more in line with each other.

And unfortunately, because they chose to use this platform, they are closing more ears than opening. That means you are no longer getting your point across, so really, what’s the point? It’s now become a protest of President Trump, as usual.

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