#TakeAKnee Is Not A Protest. It’s Black Supremacist Hatred of White America
Styx Einzig

Not only that, but how lazy is it to take a knee?? I mean, seriously, that’s the best you can do? This is something you are supposed to be so passionate about it that you are willing to disrespect our military and offend millions? Someone pointed out to me that Kaepernick donated $100,000 to a charity that works at fighting racism. LMAO, that’s like me donating $5.00!

And your point about the young black community wanting to tell the police how it’s going to be, versus respecting law and order, is spot on. When POC admit that they have some work to do within their communities, it will go along way to bridge the division within our country. Because it’s only after you admit that there actually IS a problem, can you begin to fix it.

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