From the day I was born, I have not been an avid sports player. I did the rec stuff, some track and field here, a little swimming there, but nothing major. Actually up until I started at BCIT I hadn’t even thought of sports in any capacity other than I’m terrible and there are better players.

You see, I’m highly competitive. To the point of fault. BUT I don’t have the skills, stamina or strategy to actually play competitively. This often means that after I play, I get down on myself , like really down. So I choose not to play. Because yeah, in the moment playing is great, but as the saying goes, everything is 20/20 in hindsight.

I never thought I’d join an extra-curricular team, for sheer lack of interest. And now i’m being forced.…

It’s a radio tradition that the first years and second years play a final softball game. To say good bye, and to issue in a new reign, so to speak. So when the teams were being formed (the first years named our team brokebat mountain) I decided to take on a manager-type role, to avoid the physical. I tried everything to not play. Unfortunately, that blew up in my face pretty quick. Now, I’m not a very important member, I’m the back-catcher, which means I clean up the space and also, maybe catch a ball here and there to complete a play… nothing drastic, but still more than I had originally inteded. It was brought to the teams attention by some very loud classmates that every member should play at least one round.

This is where my problems began. I chose for so many years not to play, that now I suck. Royaly. Despite being quite verbal about my athletic ailment, my team mates had a practice, so I had to go. I did the least I could, catching two balls total and not even trying to bat.

RIGHT AFTER the game, my competitive nature came out, making it even harder to avoid the game. I talked to a few sports fanatics and they decided to help me out a bit. Today was the first day.

Nick, Mckenna, James, Dave, Liam and I went out to the field with a simple goal in mind: TEACH ME THE BASICS. We started with batting, and I don’t know what I was so afraid about.. Continuing through all the basics, throwing, pitching, catching, and more batting, I learned a few key things about myself: 1. I’m not as bad as a think I am. 2. It shouldn’t matter if I’m good or not, because it’s all for fun. and 3. I really like sports.

I’ve decided to make it a goal to do more sports and excercise related activities, to keep me in shape, but also to have fun. It’s sunny out now, might as well embrace the weather by throwing around a ball… that’s the saying, right?