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The day I stopped taking pictures was a sad one, indeed. But I had run out of inspiration. Or so I thought.

I bought my first camera at age thirteen. 11,000 images later, I decided to take the leap and purchase a dSLR. For the first year, my camera & I were inseparable — but then one day I realized I had stopped capturing moments. The organized, monthly folders on my computer sat empty.

My excuse? The camera was too heavy. I didn’t have enough room. I “forgot” it on my bookcase.

Around that same time, smart phones began to flood the world. But I scoffed at those new, so called “photographers”. Real photographers used big cameras. Real photographers lugged around a bag full of lens.

But then my parents upgraded to smart phones with 8 megapixel cameras. Since I was the “photographer” of the family, I was delegated to snap all the family portraits on vacations & outings. Although I disliked the inferior quality of the images, pretty soon I was capturing a flower here & a sunset there. I found an editing app & eventually joined Instagram.

Suddenly, inspiration was all around me. Images that once required the time-consuming locating of my camera, instead were captured in 10 seconds by a “simple” phone camera. Fame awaited on Instagram, which provided additional motivation to resume documenting life’s moments.

Now, my ordinary life is full of inspiration. Raindrops on my windshield? Snap. Cat looking out a window? Snap. Autumn leaves on the sidewalk? Snap, snap, snap.

Every moment is a memory — take a second & capture a few of them.

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