He holstered his finger and thumb to his hip. One swift move upward let me know: he signed “gun”.

“Dis, here?”

He pointed to my husband’s stomach.

He was asking, “Does Daddy have a gunshot wound?”


My Dad helped me get everyone from point A to point B. He and…

They are too small.

My son needed new shoes. He didn’t want new shoes. He liked his old ones, but they were too small.

Miracle League had a bowling day, and I decided we would bowl for an hour and then shoe shop. Children with autism need to know what is happening and what…

Mom’s winter mantle decor

My mantle is empty. The neighbors lights are gone. The melodramatic daily hum has filled up days. Christmas is over.

I looked at my mantle: a wasteland of disappointment.

“Guess I’ll be looking at this blank canvas for another 11 months.”

Then it hit me…MOM’S MANTLE!

I pick fun at…

Win the battle against fear.

I stepped up onto the platform. It was higher than I first thought. Too high. I don’t like heights. Though the padding below promised a soft landing, it did little in the way of helping me feel confident.

“You are the Simone Biles of klutz. …

Paw Paw on his 90th birthday…still playing guitar.

My paternal grandfather was one of the most well-rounded people I’ve known. He was charming, witty, well read, smart, talented, and, my favorite, funny. He was not stingy with his smile. It was one of those smiles encompassing the entirety of his face. It illuminated a room.

He loved a…

Welcome to your banquet table.


She was an acquaintance of mine. We were once friends, but time and distance separated us from building our close friendship. Even so, knowing she was on this earth, walking around and smiling, gave me great peace.

When she died, the emptiness I felt was curious to me. She…

Autumn Mott Calvert

Autism Mom~Author of “Bad Sheep” http://www.autumncalvert.com

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