Trash that Birthday Song

I turned 44 years old today.

I love my birthday. I will love my birthday when I am 90. This was the day I was born. Life has been really hard, but it has also been rewarding. I’ll celebrate the good and appreciate all I have learned from the bad.

But, there is another reason I love my birthday: the birthday song.

I come from a family of musical people. My sister and I were groomed by my grandfather and mother to be singers. In fact, I took this love for music a step further in my 20’s by being a member of rock bands and recording albums. We love our music. Even my dad, who can’t sing “a lick” can tell if someone is singing well or not. Music and making music is simply part of who we are.

Several years ago, an unlikely family tradition unfolded. I’m not sure how it came about, but it has been in existence for many years. This strange tradition does not line up with our musical leanings, and, if it is your birthday, you can expect it to happen…

Everyone in the family calls to sing the birthday song…and TRASHES it.

We even have a contest to see who can sing it the worst! The birthday person gets to choose the winners. My husband and I are champs. He can’t sing well anyway, so when we get going, it is disgustingly wonderful. We are all in, and our presentation is even beautiful. We crow and howl and do awful vocal runs and yelp and reach for notes as far up and as far down as possible. It is fantastic. Sometimes, my husband and I will part ways mid song. I’ll sing “Happy Birthday” repeatedly out of key while he moans on with the rest of the song. So many options to destroy the song…SO…MANY! I plan to explore them all.

When someone in my family has a birthday, I get REALLY excited. When I have a birthday, I get even MORE excited! There will be phone calls of everyone loosing their minds for a few seconds. The laughter is beyond words.

I urge you all to start this tradition. Trash that birthday song, people!!! Celebrate being alive! There is a whole lot of perfection in a good belly laugh!

Gotta go! The phone is ringing!

Autumn is the author of the children’s book, “bad sheep,” and the mom to a fabulous little boy diagnosed autistic. Her writing reflects the good and the difficult when raising a child on the spectrum while balancing a great marriage and writing career. Find out more about Autumn on her WEBSITE.

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