How to stop worrying

I’ve been suffering with anxiety for 4 years now. I was only 14 when it all started. But when I was that age I didn’t know what was going on with me. I spent countless hours on the Internet, trying to find a fount to keep those thouhts away.
Worrying only leads to nervousness. I know I’m not alone here. 4 years later I’ve managed to deal with concerns and angst. I still fail sometimes, but I’m getting better. Here is how:
1. Identify the reason behind your apprehension: maybe it’s a deadline getting closer and you don’t see yourself going through. Maybe it’s an important date. Maybe it’s just that your desk is messy and it needs a touch up. Once you’ve found what it is, you can work on it.
2. Be realistic, not pessimist: If you are worrying about something that doesn’t depend on you, let it be. Students out there like me should really pay attention to this. You’ve finished an exam, you know you didn’t do quite well and you stress about the result. Well, here is what. That energy could be used for a better cause, such as preparing the next exam properly. Accept that you can’t change it.
3. Meditate. And I’m not talking about spending 10–20 min avoiding thoughts. Sit down in a confortable place and think. Think about what disturbs you. Reflect about it. Try to find a solution. Then spend 5 minutes giving yourself good vibes. “I’m good enough”.”I do and I will always do my best”.
4. Have an organised life: agenda, to do lists, notebooks…I’m the kind of person who has 100 pages all over the room. I’ll write about it in the future!
5. Treat yourself from time to time: you are not a machine. Doing what we like charges our batteries and keeps negative thoughts off.

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