Web Development Adventures On Hold For Now — Stay Tuned for February 2016

Hi All, I have deeply missed blogging about my web development adventures and interacting with the web development community. I apologize for not posting an update earlier, but here’s a placeholder to hopefully hold you over until February 2016 when I anticipate being able to restart my web development blogging.

So what’s new you ask…Well, I did not return to TIY to finish up the program. I have been really busy with trying to find full-time employment to make up for lack of income for the portion of the program I attended and some time in limbo thereafter which I am unable to comment on. That is why my blog has not been updated in a while (I was not busy in studies at TIY as some of you referenced based on my previous post). Once my job situation is finalized and I recuperate financially, I will go back to updating my blog with my new adventures :-)

It goes without saying that this CodeGirl is still looking to pursue a career in Web Development by attending a different bootcamp/educational route, I just had to put it on hold for now due to my employment status and desperate need of income. Once I recover financially, I will likely attend Full Stack Academy via Grace Hopper, Hack Reactor or get a second degree only this time a BS in Computer Science. In the interim, I’m taking some free and paid online courses while balancing my search for full-time employment, though my time is more heavily weighted on the latter.

If anyone has attended a different bootcamp other than TIY, please share where you went and what your experience was like. Whatever input you provide about the program you attended would be greatly appreciated. Sadly, I can no longer comment about my experience at TIY due to legal reasons. While I wish I could say more, I am legally obligated to say “I chose not to return.”

My walkaways: I have core group of amazing friends who I met while I attended a portion of the program at TIY. We continue to stay in touch and get together from time to time, as schedules permit (it’s a DC Metro thing - those who live here get it). One can never have too many quality friends, right?! Plus they’re the only people who know my hidden techie side and understand my passion for coding. Similar in comparison to my gym and bodybuilding competition friends who understand my obsession for working out and eating clean. Lol.

Thank you all for tuning into my blog. Hopefully, you’ll stick around for the fun adventures I will be getting into next year. Best of luck with your studies and career path!

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