Four Fantastic Webcomics

Today I’ll be profiling a few of my favorite webcomics in the hopes that you’ll check out a few! (Not a sponsored post, I’m simply an internet junkie trying to share with the world).

Poorly Drawn Lines

A comic published Monday, Wednesday, and Friday by Reza Farazmand, Poorly Drawn Lines is a witty comic that has a bit of a dark side.

What I particularly like about this comic are the punchlines — the jokes are set up in a way that you expect a certain flow of the scene, but the end is usually something that’s either simply the opposite or totally off the wall dark. Sometimes, they’re simply absurd.

The title of the comic reveals the author’s slight emphasis on the actual art of the comic. The characters and backgrounds are just that — simply drawn lines (not really poorly drawn!). This leaves the reader able to focus on the dialogue between characters.

A mix of humans talking to humans, animals to animals, humans to animals, and even humans to monsters, this comic puts its characters in somewhat uncomfortable situations that they cope with through dry humor.

I highly recommend this comic if you’re looking for something snarky!

Heart and Brain

Ohhh my god. I can’t tell you how much I love this comic. An extension of Lars the Yeti, this comic anthropomorphizes the heart and brain (as well as other organs) as an expression of our emotional and our rational sides.

This comic is uplifting and always makes me feel better if I’m having a bad day. Most of the comics are silly, but there’s also quite a few which are truly touching.

Life can be hard and scary, and this little brain and heart can make you feel a little less alone. This is my go-to comic if I need something to cheer me up, and hopefully you’ll find it fun too!

Webcomic Name

(yes, the actual name of the comic)

Are you always uncomfortable? This is the comic for you. There’s only one real punchline with this one — a three paneled comic that always ends in “Oh no.”

While a bit repetitive, the comics let you live through the secondhand embarassment (if you can handle it) of the main character.

If anything else, you’ll feel as though you’re not alone in your discomfort. Going through life and interacting with other human beings can often be uncomfortable, and this goofy blob figure shares your pain.

Liz Climo

While not technically a comic, Liz Climo is an artist who draws the most adorable animal interactions. They’re usually two panel vertical comics that make jokes based on the forms of the animals.

This is a lighthearted one, and the interactions between the animals are very sweet even when they’re teasing each other.

Not so much of a story driven comic, these character driven pieces will scratch your itch for silly animals playing around.

Her art can also be found on cards in Target which I’m super stoked about (as well as online)!

The simple art style has enough detail to give you a realistic impression of the characters, but still obviously retains enough adorableness to make you want a drawing on your wall of every single one.

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