Welcome to Week 4 of Weekly Readings, where I share what I’ve been reading over week. Last week I talked a bit about a conference I attended, data science, and an interview. This week, I have an article about gender allyship, a sketch series, and a podcast.

Probably what I look like right now

A common refrain that comes up when sharing issues about inclusion at the workplace is, “But I don’t know where to start!”

Well, here it is. And it’s pretty simple!

  1. Identify high potential and diverse talent.

Considering that the interview process tends to suffer from performance bias — where members of the “in-group”…

Welcome to Week 3 of Weekly Readings, where I share what I’ve been getting into this week. Last week I touched on negotiation for women in the workplace, and a couple of “for fun” readings — YA fantasy and a memoir.

This week, we’ve got a conference, data science, and an interview — let’s get started.

Me, ready to learn:

I’ve got a lot on my mind from a conference I just attended, Culture First.

This made up a good portion of my “reading” this week, and I’m excited to pull all my learnings and takeaways together. …

Welcome to Week 2 of Weekly Readings, where I share what I’ve been getting into this week. Last week we went into guilty pleasures, friendships, self improvement, and money — this week we have a couple more “light” reading recs on the table.

Keep an eye out for future deep dives — some things I’d like to share are too big to fit into a summary post!

Women at Work Podcast/Newsletter

Harvard Business Review, via monthly subscription — I signed up for this particular newsletter and podcast combo

This week’s newsletter talks about how women are negotiating in the workplace, how it’s changed…

Hello reader! Today I’m starting a new addition to the posts I’m writing — summaries and thoughts on the media I’m consuming during the week. I absolutely LOVE articles and podcasts, but one thing I’ve been having a hard time is keeping straight all the things I go through during the week and taking some extra time to think about the content. So, my “What I’m Reading This Week” posts are born — let’s dive in!

*Note: I’ll also include the links and how I found the article in case you’re interested in finding more similar content.

“‘Guilty’ Pleasures? No Such Thing”

by Micaela Marini Higgs on NYT (via the Girl’s Night In newsletter)

I think we…

Last post I shared my tips about getting ramped up at work, and today I’ll be talking about creating your support network at and adjacent to your workplace.

Work is likely where you’ll spend at least a third of your day, so it’s important to figure out how to create good relationships with at least a few of your coworkers. You also want to make sure that your work friends don’t become your only friends!

*Note: in case this hasn’t been made clear, I’m a woman of color working in engineering. These tips are more focused towards women of color…

In my last post, I shared my thoughts about getting “functional” as an adult fresh into the workforce. It’s an important part of the equation, but there’s some other parts to the story to dive into. Today, we’ll be talking about ramping up — working with more experienced people, and getting out of your professional comfort zone.

Walking in on the first day like..

FYI, You’re New

First things first — you’re new! And everyone is going to know you’re new. If you’re a high achiever or are a bit of a perfectionist, you may be going into work expecting and desiring to immediately be a 110% contributor. …

We’ve got this!

Hello! I’m Autumn, a new-to-the-workforce mechanical engineer. I’ve been working full-time for a little over a year now after completing my master’s degree in mechanical engineering at Stanford. Full-time work is a brand new experience for me, since I went directly to grad school from undergrad.

I work at a small mechanical engineering consulting firm. Our team is almost exclusively engineers, so the work environment is pretty similar to what I experienced in school. That’s about where the similarities end, though. Adjusting to a full-time job was nearly a full-time job in and of itself, and I’ll be sharing my…

Sandcasting Series Part 1

First off, let’s clear up what sandcasting is for those of you who are unfamiliar with this manufacturing process. Sandcasting is a method to create metal parts, or geometries, where one creates a mold using sand and fills in the negative space in the mold with metal.


Some commonly that you likely see or interact with on a daily basis include fire hydrants, sewer covers, car transmission housings, and cookware.

An important factor of sandcasting is what the mold is made out of. What makes a particular sand good for molding? How did we decide upon sand in the…

Summer is wrapping up (for those of us on the quarter system; the rest of you on the semester system have been back for about a month), and if you had a summer internship, you may have been asked to give an end-of-internship presentation.

This presentation likely looks different depending on both your internship and company culture — a corporate journalism internship will have much different expectations than an internship at a startup for the next big app. However, there’s a few things that will be helpful to keep in mind regardless of your company environment.

Whether or not you’ve…

So you’ve started graduate school — congratulations! You’ve taken a step towards getting more specialized in your field of choice.

A little background: I’m a almost-second year graduate student in mechanical engineering, and won’t be pursuing a PhD at this time. Two more quarters wooo!

While every grad school experience is different, I hope that these pieces of advice are general enough to apply to a broad range of programs and institutions. Additional disclaimer: these are all things that I’m suggesting based on my specific grad school experience. Pick and choose what works for you!

  1. Choose your mentors

If you’re…

Autumn Turpin

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