A record of time-bound ventures in the outermost wilds of Timber Hearth.

In game screenshot of sign that reads: Outer Wilds Ventures Presents Postcards From Far Away.
In game screenshot of sign that reads: Outer Wilds Ventures Presents Postcards From Far Away.
Outer Wilds Ventures Museum and Rutile

Fell into the geyser, launched towards the sky. Returned at terminal velocity.

Clipped a tree branch during take off, unable to correct. Crashed planet-side.

Gravity crystal damaged on collision, attempted to repair. Cause of death: [lack of] inertia during interplanetary autopilot.

On Evangelion, Nausicaä, and the Vehicle Assembly Building

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The liquid filled docks of NERV HQ (this frame from Rebuild of Eva)

Hey Adele,

Interstate 50 is only a five minute drive from my apartment. Every couple of months for the past year I’ve gotten the urge to drive to its end, due east from Orlando. One morning, two summers ago, my partner and I inextricably woke up together, wide awake, at 5 am. One morning, last fall, I dropped my friend off at the airport much too early and drove past my apartment through a blanket of fog. Most recently it was during another all nighter during lockdown. Though I had been up for about 24 hours at that point while…


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Hey Violet, sorry it’s been a minute.

As an editor replied to an email of mine today: “this whole end of the world thing sort of mucked up my schedule.” More generally, it’s been hard to write. Even before the pandemic captured our attention I had been struggling to understand why I write. Why write about anything when the world is ending? It can seem pointless right now, aside from providing a distraction to the vacant outside world, but why write even when the world is a little less bad than it currently is?

You asked what messages got me…

On Partizan and Heaven Will Be Mine.

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(from Gundam: The 08th MS Team)

Hey Violet,

So I’ve been listening to Partizan, the new Friends at the Table campaign that started last fall. I’ve never been able to get into actual play pods before. I tried Critical Role but bounced off, I even tried the other Friends at the Table mech campaign — COUNTER/weight — and couldn’t. I think it’s a genre problem, one that Partizan is helping me learn from.

Partizan is intensely inspired by mech anime. It’s Real Robot in the vein of Gundam, with the crunchy, low-tech setting of a series like 08th MS Team. As I’ve listened, I’ve had to…

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Kirby Air Ride was the first game I fell in love with. I played the one-button racer with other kids sitting too close to tiny CRT TVs after school. There’s a cool menu screen, but of three modes I only played one — City Trial, the proto battle royale where a rainbow of Kirby’s are dropped in an open world. As the timer ticked closer to the summary race, we would hunt for upgrades, fight on the rooftops, dive for legendary machines, and always jump back in, again and again, until time was up and we had to go home.

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Autumn Wright is an essayist and critic. They write about games, sex, and other things you love on the internet.

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