Tales From A College Student

Oh, the places you’ll go!

Everyone says that the best four years of life happens at college. One can never fully understand their reminiscent smiles until they actually become a student. To be blunt, college is boarding school. So what’s so great about boarding school?

College is supposedly the place to meet life-long friends, or if they’re really lucky—their spouse. Some say its where one figures out who they really are. Others say its where they begin their journey to their future career. Many say that college is a place for beginnings and opportunities. All of these statements are true, but they are such cliché s— basically what everyone hears and tells.

Instead, it’s a place where people come from all sorts of different backgrounds, cultures, and religions. Everyone has their own story to tell. College is the time when relationships are built in a matter of weeks just because one person decided to randomly pop into someone’s room. College is where one can freely debate beliefs and learn new perspectives. It’s where students eat food that may or may not be edible. It’s also where no one cares about how one dresses or how many friends they have. It’s where bedtimes aren’t mandatory and curfews aren’t installed.

College is where a person can start over and make a name for themselves. They get to decide whether or not these four years will be the best of their lives.