Moon: Day 21 of 30 Day Challenge

-It’s a poetry thing-

I shine, not burn

Around your little world I turn

For ages as your sentry

I’ve guarded the inching centuries

When the sun scorched your eyes

My night sky was your lullaby

My soothing beams and milky rays

On your little heads I’ve laid

My sonnets and my eulogies

My cold soliloquies

For I shine, not burn.

I shine, not burn

And have helped you learn

Of flitting tides and gravity

But my ever desolate city

Lies blank against the darkling

Amidst the rippling, sparkling

Nothingness you have not known

The eternity that ever grows

And so I dote on my earth

I bathe you, dear, live earth

For I shine, not burn.

I do not burn, but gently shine

And though your eyes are often sun blind

I’ve poured my chiefest wine

Laid the constellations in their lines

Like flowers on the cosmo’s vine

And I, the seed enshrined

Not a deity, but a beloved of thine

And for my darling earth, I wane and pine

I shine, not burn

I shine, not burn

Have you not yearned

To stand in pearl flame

As old as the eldest shame

That touched man’s soul

So yes; I have stole

And thieved, but I give -

Deep sleep to forgive

I give you my reflection

My steady course and affection

This is my sigil and promise to earth:

For I shine, not burn.

I was traipsing around Coronado yesterday with my girlfriend and we gamboled inside the Celtic Corner shop. I like reading the mottos for the clans and their sigils. Now, I don’t know very much about my heritage except for the fact that if it’s white and lived in Europe, I am it. I am Welsh, Polish, Gaelic, Swedish, German, Danish, Czech, and who knows what else. I know that the Gaelic, German, and Polish probably take up the majority of it, and I’ve always been very proud of my Irish and Scottish roots, although I have no idea what clans we came from and I don’t know any of my family names…

Okay, I’m getting off track. So the only clan name that is also a family name in my heritage is Smith. Yeah, I know: EVERYONE is related to a Smith. But it’s a name I can claim, and I darned well will.

So the Smith family crest is this awesome torch (very Dauntless of us) and in the sigil around it, the banner says, “I shine not burn”. And I fell in love with it. And it was very easy to fit in with the prompt.

So there you have it.


#discombobulatedrubbish #30daychallenge

Recommend and comment below, especially if you know your own family crest and motto because that stuff is legit and I will have a full length conversation with you about the awesomeness of heritage.

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