Squirting is Peeing
Emma Lindsay

I’ve always wondered, since I was a kid who discovered masturbation, why I always really need to pee after having an orgasm. Men have an anatomical apparatus located around their perineum that shuts down the plumbing from their bladder when they are erect, so you can’t pee and ejaculate at the same time. (This makes sense, right? The likelihood of impregnating someone is significantly reduced if you are flooding out all the sperm you are delivering.) I don’t remember the biological name of it, but I remember Dr. Drew from Loveline explaining that, by applying pressure to the perineum during an orgasm, a man can actually redirect his semen into his bladder to be released later when he pees. It’s like a Free Birth Control Button located between your balls and your asshole. (Conducting an independent study with a sample size of one, I personally confirmed this works!) Anyway, my point is I always need to pee after I have an orgasm, and my suspicion has always been this was my body’s way of rinsing out the plumbing, so to speak. What if squirting is something men would also do if we didn’t have that thing that shuts down the plumbing from our bladder while we are erect? Like, what if some women squirt because they don’t have this thing, because women don’t really need this thing the same way men do, because a woman can have multiple orgasms, or none at all, and that doesn’t really affect the likelihood of her becoming pregnant once a man’s sperm have made it to their destination. Like, what if this is an evolutionary thing that women just don’t need? Just thinking out loud here.