Kid High (therealsarah chronics part 1)

-It’s getting late for those to hesitate, but they don’t understand.


-It’s a song therealsarah…

therealsarah transformed into the song

-Ok I understand

-What you gonna eat

-I’ll have the tuna and crackers

-I’ll have the tuna and crackers

-I’ll have the tuna and crackers

-I’ll have the tuna and crackers

-Pezza I hate madprops so much

-Me too

-Yeah fuck madprops

therealsarah stops being the song

-I want to swim in that pool

-I don’t see a pool

-Wish you could, I have to describe everything to you

-therealsarah you don’t HAVE to you know

-It’s not a problem, the pool is wide and deep and there’s latency

-Oh, I hate latency in my pools

-If you could be someone that isn’t someone who would you be?

-I don’t know God?


-I wish nolcip wasn’t a huge faggot so I could fuck him

-I fucked him already

-Is that why you put syrup in your pancakes now?


therealsarah puts 3 past moments in the queue

-Here Pezza, watch this

-Holy shit ….. holy shit

-Will you still be my friend?


-Pezza you’re a good friend

-Why aren’t we the couple Podricing wants us to be

-Because 3 can’t be a couple


-It’s basic math

-Who is the third one?

-You see, when we hang together the combinations of ourselves create a new independent energy, I haven’t given it a name to respect you.

-I see, does that energy live in our same plane of existence?

-I knew the answer but I forgot

-Wth therealsarah how can you forget that?

A little black kid appears

Kid: Hi

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