Not so typical year of a programmer

Dare if you can – write about how things the way there are. I am not ashamed to write about my life. Why? Because its mine – and I can do whatever I want with it.

Anyways – a lot of things have happened lately:

  • my wife has survived a cancer (everything looks good now)
  • my mother-in-law passed away to an aggressive cancer
  • my company is almost bankrupt
  • I have managed to keep my head ”sane”
  • I have learned new things in programming and in approaching programming in general
  • my father had a stroke and is basically 1/4th paralyzed

My kids are alright, I have learned to appreciate life as it is. Our dogs have grown to like me more than my wife (because I’m working at my home office nowadays).

I haven’t quit smoking. I still have some issues with alcohol – yes, I am an alcoholic-type-of-person; give me one drink and I will drink like 3 days in a roll.

I would like to switch full time to Linux (ubuntu or whatever distro) but the hardware sucks and I haven’t figured out how to do a proper installation of whatever Linux distro on either Macbook Pro or MacBook Air (old models I have, somewhere along time lines of 2009–2010).

I would really want to switch to Android but the UI performance on Android sucks. Especially the Google Chrome browser feels like a piece of shit. Try for example this very very light web site and do some scrolling. Notice how the page feels like junk. And then try the same site with iPhone – what a difference!

Rant – this what this writing is all about.

I will be 50 within 2 months and I still consider myself as a pro-programmer. Internet ”thinks” I am a dead programmer. So I have a good challenge to take on for year 2016.

Happy new year everyone – hope your life is interesting – with less ”not so nice things” happening around you.

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