25th May start series of updates showing bright future for Auxilium (AUX)

We’re excited to announce the AUX fork will be performed 25th of May 2019!

This upgrade will open many doors for AUX in the (near) future. It’s the first of many fantastic updates that will be experienced short term in our journey towards a major exchange listing.

We’ve asked exchanges to set AUX to maintenance mode on the 24th May. We advise AUX holders not to transact any AUX between 24th and the moment we publish the fork has been performed successfully. 
Besides a reboot of the desktop wallet there is no action required from the AUX-holder. All updates will be automated.
Upgrading AUX with fork
A fork (not a swap or anything drastic like that) will be necessary to upgrade the Auxilium blockchain and network. We’ve successfully implemented the changes and have tested the upgrade on our TestNet. The TestNet maked it possible for us to test while the MainNet stayed online.

This fork won’t require any actions from the community. This means we expect you‘ll not have to undertake any actions in order to upgrade.

Why are we upgrading?
One of the most important reasons is to set ourselves apart even more from other Ethereum forks. Auxilium is a coin (not to mistake with an ERC20-token) already has its own independent blockchain and network. The upgrade will for instance open doors to get listed on Multi-coin wallets, including a mobile wallet. Which we certainly plan to do straight after we completed the fork! 
Listing AUX on multi-coin wallets
Advantages of this upgrade will be visible soon. We aim to get listed on two well-known multi-coin wallets as soon as the fork is successful.

The two wallets we’re aiming to get listed on are MyCrypto.com and Trustwallet.com
 — MyCrypto.com
This is a multi-functional Ethereum fork and Ethereum token wallet that for instance can be used in the browser and as desktop wallet. 
 — Trustwallet.com
This is a mobile wallet and the official cryptocurrency wallet for Binance. Trustwallet already listed cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, VeChain, Tron, Stellar amongst other top cryptocurrencies.
Keep posted, as the next publication will contain previews of the brand new desktop wallet and publication date of same.

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