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Jun 4, 2019 · 4 min read

The new Auxilium desktop wallet is being launched 9th June 2019!

In order to give you a head start, we’ve created a beginners guide to the wallet. This guide will focus on the basic features for now. A Windows machine is used for this guide. MacOS will work similar.

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We hope you find this guide helpful during your Auxilium journey.

1. Downloading the wallet
1a. On the 9th of June 2019 — when the new wallet is available — go to
1b. Choose the wallet that fits your machine (e.g. Windows, MacOS) and hit ‘download’.

2. Install the wallet
2a. Open the downloaded .exe file, and allow the wallet all rights necessary to run.
2b. Installing the wallet is a straight forward nearly full automatic process.
2c. After a successful installation you’ll be able to find an Auxilium icon on your desktop to run the wallet.

3. Running the wallet for the first time
3a. Click the Auxilium icon on your desktop to start the wallet.
3b. Within seconds the wallet will pop-up with welcome messages, explaining important stuff. This will only be displayed the first time, so be sure to read it.
3c. Once read and proceeded through the 4 welcome pages you’re good to go!


4. View & Send using your (old) wallet address
4a. Choose between viewing (to check your account and balance) an address or importing (to access functionality like sending) an address.

4b. For AUX holders who used the old wallet import the keystore file you want to import. The keystore file is located in your roaming folder (%appdata%/Auxilium/keystore).
4c. Select wallet file and enter the password of the keystore file to unlock and access the address.
4d. You now have multiple fields for sending:
— To address (add receiver AUX address)
— Amount
— Transaction fee (move bar horizontally for lower/higher fee)
— Advanced options: manually set gas price, gas limit, nonce and add data (not advised for beginner user)

4e. You can also under ‘account address’ on the right hand side:
— Copy address
— Edit label (people will see your label when you send AUX to them)
— See account balance with refresh option
— Transaction history on blockchain explorer
— See token balances (not yet functional, as there are no tokens yet)
4f. Under ‘wallet info’ you’ll find an option to check your private key, print info, save paper wallet and generate a keystore file.
4g. Under ‘recent transactions’ you’ll find all outgoing transactions of your address.
4h. Under ‘address book’ you’ll be able to maintain an address book.

5. Create New Wallet
5a. Press ‘generate wallet’ and you’ll find two options for wallet generation: Keystore File or Mnemonic Phrase. Both have advantages and can be used in multiple other applications. Notice: it shows a lot of future opportunities for Auxilium, but also means some apps don’t have Auxilium integrated yet.

5b. Because it’s relatively new, let’s select Mnemonic Phrase to create the address.
5c. You’ll need to write down 12 words and select them in the correct order on the next page. You can regenerate the phrase.

5d. Once done properly you’ll get a confirmation and instructions on how to unlock your wallet. Click ‘Go to account’.

5e. Choose to access your account through Mnemonic Phrase and enter the Phrase on the next page, hit ‘choose address’. You can pick a free address you’ll like to use and hit ‘unlock’.
5f. You’re ready to fully use your address!

6. TX Status
6a. You can check a transaction or an address by inputting the proper information and hitting ‘Check TX Status’.
6b. You’ll see detailed information which you can also find on the block explorer.

If you need support please leave a message at We’ll try to answer as soon as possible.

We didn’t discuss contracts, sign & verify message and broadcast transaction yet. This functionality is for the more experienced user. A guide will be provided at a later date.

For now you have enough information to start using the new Auxilium wallet!

Have a great day!


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