You Might Not Need TypeScript (or Static Types)
Eric Elliott

So you say type annotations create more noise and make everything hard to read. And you introduce PropTypes! Cool! So you think this:

const createEmployee = ({
name = '',
hireDate =,
title = 'Worker Drone'
} = {}) => ({
name, hireDate, title

is less noisy than this?

createEmployee(name: string, hireDate: Date =, title: string = 'Worker Drone') {
// Implementation


BTW, do you know how your JS line

const identity = arg => arg;

will look like in TypeScript? Take a closer look:

const identity = arg => arg;

That was unexpected, right?

Type inference rocks? I agree! Guess what — it works in TypeScript! No need for Tern.js or Flow — it’s built-in!

Yeah, man, if you’re going to give any advice to anyone, you’d better know what you’re talking about.

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