Chocolate chip dough, granola bars, quickbooks tutorial & equity compensation = my week in a nutshell.

Hey Ya’ll!

Yep, last week I started scheduling EVERYTHING in Google Calendar, down to laundry & gym time. It went really well!

  1. I finalized a few recipes I want to proceed with and test on a bigger market (Troy keeps telling me “You have to test the market!”).
  2. My mom offered to teach me how to manually input my numbers into Quickbooks because ‘It’s good to know where the numbers on your reports come from’. And shortly after, I received a pop quiz on good business ethics from my dad.

-hi mom & dad!

  1. Lastly, I went to a workshop held in Manhattan about investors and venture capitalist. It was awesome and eye opening: I realized this is going to be a marathon and I have to pace myself to finish strong.

Granola Bars will be available at on Friday.