Am i being Productive or Reactive

I strongly recommend you do this task on paper for maximum effectiveness but even doing the mental grouping will make you realize what mode you work most in.

  1. Make or use your to do list of what you got done today
  2. Put an accurate estimate of how long each task took
  3. Label each task either R, A or C
  • R = Reactive- these are tasks that are generally unplanned, given to you by other people and seem to be always Urgent.
  • A = Admin- these are tasks that are generally routine, managerial and with documented workflows in place can be deleted.
  • C = Creative- these are tasks that generally reduce or eliminate reactive and administrative tasks giving you more time OR increase your health, wealth and wisdom.

4. Add up how many minutes or hours you spend in each mode AND WORK OUT A PERCENTAGE OF EACH MODE FOR THE TASKS YOU PERFORMED.

5. Do this over the course of several days to identify any patterns or a consistent number and adjust for whats normal for you and how you can make improvement.

6. The goal is to move THRU Reactive Administrative to get to Creative.

7. Track your numbers (automatically if possible) to check for progress.

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