How to write an effective To-do task

I just looked at 2 items on my to do list and said ‘what was i thinking’

call number to ask about visit — call who at what number about what visit?, i dont remember and it was only a couple of days ago
the other item required me to complete some information but i didn't include the website links i had already researched. This wasn't too big of a deal but i had to repeat 2–3 minutes of work.

So here are some valuable tips using an example delivering a box of product to a customer.

please remember

  1. An extra second of prep saves minutes of time.
  2. Obviously some other tasks may not need a who or where but you should include this in your process.

most important theme

write to your future self as if you wont remember the present moment, or, write the task down as if you are delegating it to someone who has never done the task before, so you HAVE to BE SPECIFIC

write the action word first

the first thing word must be a verb such as write, visit, research. The action you must take.


write the what

specifically what is to be done, the objective

deliver case of xyz….

write the where or who

deliver case of xyz to abc company……

write the when

deliver the case of xyz to abc company on monday at 8am


I use google keep as my preferred collection tool for a variety of reasons but there are other digital apps out there.

why i use google keep on my phone and computer

  1. I can capture voice to text when im driving or dont have time to add to my calendar
  2. I can make location specific or time based reminders which cync to my calendar
  3. I can capture all the web links, pdf etc on my phone or laptop
  4. When i dont even have time for google keep i ‘boomerang’ a reminder by the voice feature on my phone. ‘siri, remind me at 4 oclock about the delivery of xyz to abc company on monday morning.
if you're writing things on google calendar it will parse the text for key items such as who, when and where and automatically create a map or contact info, which can be very useful when you’re on the go or under pressure