Free Domain Registration

A Domain name is like, identification to your website or to your blog which makes you different form others and you will get a new IP address to your Domain at the time when you Register Domain.Domains are formed by the rules and procedures of the Domain Name System (DNS). Domain registration is not an hard or difficult task which will take time in registration process there are so many companies which are providing these services.

There are basically three types of domains are available ;Top Level Domain,Second Level or Lower Level Domains,Internationalized Domain Names. These categories define the domain registration process. The main advantage of domain registration is that you can own the domain of your website or blog (the register online address of it) .This makes the site’s name and online address uniquely yours and prevent anyone else from registering the same domain that you become owner of (may need to renewed yearly). This will also give a liberty to provide readers visiting you site, with the type of content you can decide to publish on it. Whether it is one subject r multiple one’s.

Without a Register Domain name pointing to your site no one would find out but if your domain name will expires and you lose ownership of it,you can loose all the hours of work you put in to the site as well as the work put in to ranking it in search engines.In another words all domain names must be registered with a legitimate,bona-fide registrar approved by the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and numbers (ICANN) or else you can be screwed.

Until 1999, Network Solution was the only domain name registrar controlling the .com, .net, and .org registries. The end of the monopoly opened the doors of hundreds of registrars to compete in the Register Domain space.A domain name is akin to an address in the virtual space of the Internet. Most people are familiar with the popular domains of or, and in addition users are also familiar to the top-level domains such as .com, .org, or .net. Furthermore, if you pay close enough attention, users can see various sub domains such as, or Each part of the domain name is important in its own right.

A domain name allows users to create a reputation. No matter how your site is hosted, be it from your garage to a server room in Silicon Valley, users can plug that domain name into their browsers and be directed to your content. This is because a domain name is registered with Domain Name Registrars. These sites allow you to purchase a domain and have it point to a server. So in reality you own a site such as and have point to the IP address of your server. Therefore, when a user types in, it knows to load information from the server to which you pointed.

To register a website you must Register Domain from a Domain Name Registrar and pay a fee to the almighty ICANN; ICANN is an organization that regulates domain names and creates new top-level domains. Websites can range from $1 specials depending on the top-level domains to around $35 dollars. Some domains have a high cost because they are short or represent popular ideas.

Once you have bought a domain name, you haven’t actually purchased that space, it is more appropriate to say that you have leased the name or are renting the space. You have to pay the amount you purchased the domain name for on a yearly basis. Thus if you paid $10 for your domain you must pay $10 to renew your site. Careful though because if you forget someone can snatch up from underneath you. Most registrars do allow users to have auto renewal on or purchase many years at the same time, and sometimes for discounted prices