Blog 1- 8/30

Kim Kardashian recently posted a several photos of her and her daughter from a photo shoot they recently did. The photos sparked a very big conversation because in the photos she was dressed up like Jackie Kennedy Onassis. I don’t know if the photo shoot was supposed to inspire Kennedy vibes but the black dressed, short hair, and pearls seemed to match Mrs. Onassis attire completely. A lot of users on twitter wrote how a woman that made her fame by a sex tape should not be portraying such a classy woman. I, however, don’t really see a problem with it. People should be able to dress up as who they aspire to be. Have you ever heard of dress for the job you want? Ever since she became famous she has never been able to leave be hide her mistakes. Eve today, when she tried to be a business woman people start to judge her for her past. I think Mrs. Kardashian was trying to be seen as classy and elegant as she has been growing up and wants to forget her past. I think that we should be able to wear what we want to wear. I think we should encourage her if she wants to be a classier person because the media will always find some way to bring every celebrity down no matter what they do.

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