In The Karmaconomy There Are No Day Jobs

A look into the future of Karmaship and life within the Karmaconomy

In the future, automation, AI, robotics and blockchain technology will handle most the ‘day jobs’ we have today. The service industry, which comprises over 77% of the US’s current job market*, will be overtaken by automation and many professional positions (even maybe doctors…eeek!) will be replaced by AI powered systems and robots.

Currently US Jobs Dominated By The Service Sector

This is the Star Trek future we are quickly entering and cryptocurrencies will take a big place on this new stage thanks to their fluidity as software-based, decentralized assets easily accessed by the AI driven systems that will be controlling all facets of our life. This is not a dark, dystopian Matrix-like future though because decentralized public protocols and blockchain ledgers will maintain human consensus over everything and will allow for this automated world to run on its own without compromising the universal good of humankind. In the end, the revolution won’t be in the technology itself but rather in human culture!

The Future World Will Be Run By A Creator-Driven Economy

Imagine a world where no one has to work, where all of life’s basic necessities are handled through technology and humans are free to do what they wish with their time. How could that happen? As mentioned above, decentralized mechanisms free from the shackles of centralized human corruption, greed and control will work in conjunction with automated systems, AI and green technologies to free up humans to do whatever they want. Corporate monopolies and behemoth institutions currently running the world will be toppled by consensus-driven smart systems and public-owned smart utilities that benefit mankind to such a massive degree thanks to their efficiency and transparency that their eventual success is guaranteed.

So, back to our initial question, what would humans do once the basic need to feed, clothe and shelter themselves is taken care of by technology? Well in this universal free market, some people will do absolutely nothing and be content with a basic life while others will take advantage of their new-found freedom and create amazing innovations. These creators will be the ones stimulating progress and bringing the most value to society. They will be the new class of wealth creators. Everyone else will be the Experiencers, because even at the very lowest level in this new automated and decentralized society people won’t need to worry about life’s necessities. Instead what will be important is how they spend their time on the planet and the experiences they engage with. They will rely on the Creators for this stimulation and in turn, become Creators themselves as they become more enriched and inspired by the Experiences they engage in.

In The Karmaconomy, Creators & Experiencers Will Live In Harmony And Wealth Will Be Relative

The Karmaship team sees this future coming to fruition much faster than most people could even begin to contemplate! This is why we are creating the Proof of Experience protocol. We hope to be setting the foundation for how individuals will transact value within this new Experiential culture. Creators will drive the economy forward while Experiencers will both take and give back their own energy as they interact within the Experience marketplace.

Unlike the current debt-based consumer-driven economy we live in today where resources are constantly being depleted and then replenished in a non-sustainable way, the new Experience-driven economy will be balanced and harmonic as individuals cooperate together to make Experiences fulfilling. Those Creators who expend a ton of energy to only create a failed Experience will eventually go back to being an Experiencer to replenish their lost energy, learn from their failures and, if they really want to, recharge enough to become a Creator again. Much like a perpetual energy machine, the Karmaconomy never loses its energy as long as humans are free to be creative and Experience new things.

In The Future, Decentralized Smart Cities Will Flourish

In this future, the concept of ‘wealth’ will return to its true definition relating to abundant supply. In effect, everyone will be wealthy but also this wealth will be relative to each person’s values. Because the centralized systems that once controlled and funneled resources will have been replaced by sustainable and transparent smart systems, no longer will hoarders of money or property have the power they once had. Smart cities will provide ample space for all and free education that is transparent and based on truth will enlighten the populace to be in better harmony with each other and the planet. Fear will dissipate and people will strive to increase their daily enrichment through positive and powerful experiences while those who choose the negative will quickly find a dead end and be bounced back towards the positive. True wealth will come in the ability to have abundant experiences deemed valuable by each individual.

Lets Start The Revolution Today!

Humans were never meant to be performing mechanical jobs all day long. We are each creative sparks of consciousness that can perform wondrous acts of creation on a daily basis. The universe is simply a canvas to paint our reality on and unfortunately the last few thousand years have seen most of humanity mired in the resource-driven hell of centralized control and enslavement. As we head towards this new decentralized revolution, the world is going to open up new and exciting possibilities for every individual. It is up to each and every one of us to realize this and seize those opportunities as they present themselves. We hope to do this with Karmaship! Please join us!

*US Job Market Data — Services

— Mike Winner, Co-Founder Karmaship & Alfa Vedic

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