How to Stop Windows 10 Automatic Updates? Get The Best TroubleShooting Steps to Know

These days it comes as a default and the general rule to have an operating system that keeps itself updated and that is the sole reason that the big giant Microsoft has decided to make the Windows 10 automatically check for the new downloads and to install the new updates that are happening in the system and thus the users have to make the system much comfortable and pretty convenient with their personal computers whether the users like it or not.

The major advantage of it is to that the computer system remains intact and the new versions of the software are also remained intact and thus the users helps to make such a software that keeps a regular check on the updates that are being made in the computer system of the users of the Windows 10.

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Some Major advantages of the Upgradation of the Windows 10 in the Computer System of the users :

Following are some of the major advantages that the users of the Windows 10 are alluring in their day to day lives. A quick look at the various steps are as follows:

  • The users of the Windows 10 keep their systems upgraded and thus helps in updating their systems as well.
  • Moreover the users of the Windows have to keep their systems updated and hence the users may get the best security from the outer malware and other such stuffs as well.
  • It is perhaps the most wanted services that the users may avail in order to make the system more compatible as well.

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Ways to Stop Windows 10 Automatic Updates:

Following are the ways in which the users can stop Windows 10 Updates and thus the users need to follow the below given steps for the functioning of the same as well:

  • The users need to meter their Internet Connection. This is perhaps the easiest way to prevent the Windows 10 from automatically downloading the updates and thus the users need to use a metered Internet.
  • The connection that will not allow the users to stop updating their windows 10 as well. This is one of the best ways to limit the data . Now there are some network, which are commonly known as the cell networks that are metered by default but then the users can also meter their Wi-Fi network by going to the Settings option and
  • Then the users are guided to the Network and the Internet option and then to the Wi- Fi option stop windows 10 auto update and then to the Advanced Options further and then finally turning their set metered connection on.
  • Then the users of the Windows needs to meter their Ethernet connection through the settings menu. Now the Microsoft makes an assumption form the beforehand that the Ethernet Connection allows unlimited data , apparently.
  • The only way to set the Ethernet connection to metered is to perform a registry edit as well. Now this process is a little bit complicated, but then the following is the way to do the same.
  • The users of the Windows 10 cannot really stop the Windows 10 from automatically.
  • Then the users of the Windows 10 may disable their Automatic driver updates. The users of the Windows 10 might find it difficult to really stop the windows 10 from automatically updating the OS but then the users of the Windows 10 can stop updating their respective device drivers as well.
  • The following are the ways in which the windows 10 home disable automatic updates can be made.
  • The users may go to the Control Panel and then go the System as well and then the users need to click the Advanced System Settings as well in order to open the System Properties window on their respective desktops as well.
  • Thereafter the users need to open the Hardware tab and then the users need to click on the Device Installation Settings as well.
  • Then when the time comes and a prompt message appears on the screen of the respective users of the screen, then the users need to click a no message and thus needs to save the changes that have been made so far.